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Outsider and Measured

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Outsider is an okay talent. What drags it down is that it is "on kill" – here's why:

"On Kill" talents are usually focused around solo gameplay. The mobs aren't as spongy, there's fewer elites, and you get all the kills yourself. (The other place where they work relatively reliably is in raids, when you're the one who clears the adds)

Optimal range, though, is more useful when you team with other players. Having a frontline, control effects and all that helps you sit back and keep your distance to enemies.

Of course you can fight at a distance in many solo situations, and not only at insane distances with Ekim's Long Stick. But I've noticed that I've been getting overwhelmed a little more quickly when using Outsider, compared to meta talents. And it makes sense: The buff is neglectible at short range, and it takes a bit to reel in that first kill at a distance, which gives enemies more freedom to move closer.

But I think the talent could be more viable in the prime scenario, teaming. In this way:

For 0.3 seconds after hitting an enemy, gain +100% optimal range.

For 10 seconds after killing an enemy, gain +100% accuracy.

The 0.3 is a placeholder for a duration that requires you to line up all hits in order to keep this buff active – which isn't as easy without the accuracy. But in this fashion, you can utilize the buff even when noone on your team helps to activate it, or when your teammate gets the last hit on an enemy. But it'll still be much more reliable after a kill as you'll manage to actually land every bullet with the added accuracy.

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Measured. Measured is a talent that I have managed to consistently deal lower DPS with than with any meta or other damage talent. It's impressive just how bad this is.

I've used high RPM weapons for the testing (900), as the use I see in measured is to outscale the 30% damage loss with the higher RPM, mainly on the bullet spitters.

Not only didn't this seem overwhelmingly good – but you reload TWICE as often!

After half of your magazine, measures turns into the opposite, a boost for low RPM weapons where the high damage scales better with the damage increase than 600- RPM scale down.

This type of weapon cannot utilize Measured since you have no way to get past the first half of the mag, but the talent reduces the DPS of bullet spitters from that point.

The intended playstyle is to omit that by reloading after firing half of your clip. But this reload time in itself is such a dent in your DPS that measured comes out at much lower sustained damage than other options.

They need to at least build reload speed into this somehow.

How would you fix Measured?


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