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Please Massive postpone The Summit

Content of the article: "Please Massive postpone The Summit"

" A premature release that's hoping to fix things later is akin to being thrown off the cliff with a bunch of raw material and trying to build a hang-glider before you hit the ground. " – SaintLandwalker

This guy in the PTS-Forum says everything you can say about a release of this mode in 22th of September. It will do more damage to the game then actually helping it to recover. The Division 2 Community is begging so long for an highly replayable mode and fun experience and many player left because endless replayable modes are missing in Div 2. With the announcement of The Summit the hopes of most players were rising, because how the mode was described in the annoucement it could be become the holy grail in Division 2 (in comparsion if the PvE modes in Div 1 were the holy trinity).

But the Summit in the PTS is so far away from what it was annouced and even with the Phase 2 addition it will not come close to the annoucement. Please Massive postpone The Summit and released if its like in the annoucement + considering of Feedback. Why is the PTS even there, player says its not ready the mode needs more time and you release it anyway with TU11. I know many players who left the game and heard from the annoucement of the Summit that they will come back to the Game and look into it. But on 22th September they will see an disappointment, cause the mode is miles away from how it should be and they will leave. And even players like me and some of my clan who play till today will leave. This Mode is the turning point of this Game, going deeper down like in the past months or going finally up. I dont think more players come back in the long term, if the mode releases unfinished and will be fixed later, then doing a proper release and doing enchanced additions to a proper game mode.

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So Massive it is in your hand to stop the Summit go the Kenly fate, please postpone The Summit.


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