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Positive post for Summit….

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Let me preface with this….. I'm entitled to my opinion and don't really care if others agree or not. This will not be a popular post in this group…. Especially if you are one of those "just remake Underground" people. I don't say that as a slam, but there is a large population of the community who seem to be stuck in that mind set. This vantage point is coming from someone who never played D1.

I took yesterday off from everything except Summit (even took the day off from work), and spent 16+ hours in it. We had a few group changes to our 4 player squad along the way, I cooked lunch during a break while still in the game, and had dinner along the way also. We didn't race to the top, as we wanted to take it all in and we started on 1 which is how I feel any new content of this nature should be played by someone who really loves the game.

Made it to 86 twice, and had to wipe there both times. We will get past it probably tonight, just playing ANY game 12+ hours though makes you not as on point as you otherwise would be.

Overall thoughts:
1) For months I have been suggesting something like what this mode does but in a new large open world DZ/Grey Zone. Different objectives, and tasks that need to happen to clear the room. I would love to see in every TU update a new room or task/objective added. So maybe in 11.1 they could add in another room which we haven't seen, or a new goal needed to clear it. Big updates (TU12, etc) they could add in 3-5 new room types and objectives. Always serving new content on this platform will help replay capability.

2) Any one who wants a DZ without the PvP aspect, this is your answer. No, it's not EXACTLY/LITERALLY the same, but it should suffice your desire for what that would look like and play. I love that Rogues spawn somewhat often (got them 4 times) and I am hoping that there are easter eggs to spawn Hunters within the building beyond the challenge at floor 100.

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3) Love that it gets harder as you go up and you can choose what content to play AFTER playing the whole thing. I am so happy that people are being forced to get the exotic components on floors that we would otherwise skip. End game players like myself with SHD of almost 1,600 who mostly re-plays the raids on repeat every week with completely perfect rolls on literally every piece of gear need to come off the high horse sometimes and just enjoy something fresh. If you ONLY want to play Legendary, cool, farm 80-100 5 times. There is ZERO need to "make all 100 floors legendary" as so many are screaming about. If you replay 80-100 5 times, guess what, it's literally the EXACT SAME THING. Get a friend to take you to 80 and skip all the other floors. Since any thing other than legendary is below these people, then it should be a breeze through the other floors any ways to get there any ways as we did yesterday.

4) Targeted loot…. Sure, I would love the ability to choose what I farm there. Guess what, I wanted this ability on Lincoln too. I would have loved to be able to farm a Gift any time I wanted in the DZ by choosing Providence before I had mine also. I got literally a dozen Percussive Maintenance's going from the bottom to 86 yesterday. The targeted % is better it seems like than what it has been in the past (mind you I only ran 1 mission twice, and 1 CP once outside of Summit since the refresh). If so good job devs, now go one step further to make that percentage even better… please.

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5) No, it's FAR from a perfectly polished project. I'm glad to have new content though and can live with the bugs I have encountered so far. The invisible wall in the one room got a few laughs from our group a few different times yesterday. It's nothing to scream from the top of the summit about (see what I did there? LOL). It's buggy/glitchy in spots and that's ok, so was Iron Horse, so is literally EVERTHING released by every company now days it seems like. To think that Massive is not allowed that same leniency is dumb. Perfect is an unreachable level in today's gaming industry with over night patches, no one hits it. Not Destiny, not Far Cry, and I promise if you think Cyber Punk will be perfect, you are wrong. Learning to accept this is the only way to not allow it to bother you.

6) I L-O-V-E that to get the components you must do all the floors even though they are easy. I'm happy those are easy cause I missed the one for 11-20 and got it my second time though at the end of the night when I went to farm it. If the whole building could be set to whatever setting the player watned, then anyone could get the components on "Normal" difficulty, making it not as worthy. I also love that you have to craft vest, and can not just drop it for someone in your game. I do not like that you have to beat the floor 100 twice though (first to get the project, and 2nd time to complete it). That's just my opinion.

7) Still too many rainbows. Yup. I said it. No one I personally know or play with wants these in the game. I understand why they have to be, but they are a niche, and need to drop with that percent as such.

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8) Overall I love it. I'm so happy with Summit and want to thank the team for it. Please continue to fix the issues that have popped up because it was not a finished/highly polished project and was an obvious push to release. As someone who feels they have been very outspoken about the game and the team, they really nailed it outside of these small imperfections. This will be my most played content outside of the raids most likely.

Again, I never played D1, and picked up D2 in late April (thanks covid) so I don't care about how it compared to Underground. No, I won't be going back to play D1 to see what I missed.


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