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PTS 11: Feels,bugs and suggestions

Content of the article: "PTS 11: Feels,bugs and suggestions"

So I've played till floor 100 with a friend as a duo, and here are my thoughts on the PTS as a whole.

  • Generic gear slots is really a welcomed move, lesser things to roll for when looking for a specific equipment just to roll its slot away for extra bonus
  • Rainbow loot drops are definitely alot lesser now, easier to find the rolls you want/roll to the stat you want
  • One of my AK's weapon damage went from 15% to 16.1%

16.1% AR Damage

Summit Content

  • Christmas decoration seems appropriate, if the reason was due to the building abandoned during D1 period
  • Floor 100 final boss shoots through walls
  • Some "randomized areas" work badly with random missions (no-cover jupiter emp, floating laptops etc)
  • Oversized interactable doors(I could only find this image, the other door in question was the wooden double door)

Door actually too big for frame

  • Ambusher/other archetypes spawning in legendary levels where it is supposed to be white tusks only

after clearing up till floor 83 the previous day and restarting from 81 today, we met other enemy archetypes in addition to white tusk.

  • AI NPC hostage decides to be brave and came with us to the next area on the same level
  • White Tusks archtypes was only soldiers up till level 90, where there were snipers, grenadiers and supports. Could have spawned more variations to really show the difficulty, when the other enemy archetypes did so.

Summit could have been a lot better, with more types of level design (open windowed rooms for outside natural lighting, bars, high-end restaurants, dance floors, gyms etc ), and random events (rescue hostage(key to room), 2 factions fighting each other for control of a room (friendly-enemy or enemy-enemy)). If Rikers in D1 could make an underground DJ dance floor I'm sure D2 enemies could too. If they're releasing the current content in PTS, at least make it enjoyable to find interesting, rare room layouts with interesting content instead of pure grindfest.

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