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PTS – Summit First Impression and Bug Report Pt.1

Content of the article: "PTS – Summit First Impression and Bug Report Pt.1"

I'll keep it concise. It could easily be a thesis-long post otherwise. I haven't finished The Summit yet (didn't have the stamina to do 100 floors in one sitting), so consider this more of a first impression and if any of below is corrected or changed further into the game mode, do excuse me, I'll correct it as I go.

The Summit was everything Massive said it would be: randomly selected pre-generated rooms with random objectives, random enemies, and random spawns that scale in level as you go up.

As you can already tell, with so many random things, there are all sorts of combinations of these from hilarious to fun and blood-pumping to just simply unclearable. But I'll get to the details in a bit.

So what's it like? Is Summit fun? Is it worth the hype? TL;DR is, it's a boring grind. Playing through it, you're reminded over and over again that this is a grind and not an adventure. It's a mindless, spiritless, joyless farm of loot, as if you're doing your homework of solving 100 math questions to see if you can do additions. You find no joy, no thrill (aside from thrill of gunplay at higher difficulty, but at that point, might as well play COD).

So let's break it down, here we go:


There literally is none. Not even a single dialogue from Manny or Kelso to tell you why you're here, what you're looking for, what this place is, where we are, who we're fighting, etc. There was one line from Kelso when I reached floor 10 that this is a save point.

This makes such a massive difference that most people can't understand before experiencing it themselves. In a mission, you have a narrative. When you click on the mission, Manny briefs you on your primary objective, a bit of context, and what to expect. As you progress through the mission, you not only kill enemies, but listen to the narratives play out. In other words, it helps you FEEL like you're a Division agent.

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All the effort by the devs to make a "replayable", "always fresh" experience went down the drain when I spent two hours pushing through what was essentially a never-ending mission, without so much a single narrative dialogue. Enter the Summit? No introduction. Reached floor 30? No comment. Ambient chatter? Nope, nothing.

Why am I here? What exactly is a Division agent doing here? What is a Summit?

We all know of the Bungie's famous "30-second gameplay loop" concept. The idea is that you take a core 30 second gameplay loop and hook players into repeating it infinitely by wrapping in different context and settings. There is zero context and I'm immediately reminded over and over again that I'm here to grind, to farm, to mindlessly kill enemies. The 30 second loop is broken extremely fast, and I began pushing forward out of sheer will to complete it, not because it was enjoyable.

Map Design and Tileset

Massive did exactly what they said they would: Pre-built tilesets, randomly chosen per floor. Essentially what it felt like was, they took a linear-structured mission like DUA, chopped it up into 10 pieces, then layered them vertically instead of horizontally.

But because the order has to be random, there's no flow from one room to the next, for instance like going from ticket booth to souvenir shop to haunted house in Coney Island. You recognize the rooms as more or less a pre-procedurally generated room, with again, no context. By the time you reach the 30th floor, you get so many deja vu that you just turn your brain off and start paying less and less attention to any details of the environment.

Now, thankfully, the aesthetics and the styles of these tilesets change dramatically from time to time, as if we're moving from Group A of maps to Group B, jumping from dusty broken offices to abandoned research and development centers. I joked about how we've "moved on" to the next mission, if we're to continue the analogy of vertically layered missions.

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Enemy Spawns

While random, it was very predictable. There are several double doors throughout the room that might as well have "ENEMY SPAWNS HERE" sign on each of them. You just didn't know which door happened to be every time they spawn.

But I'm not saying this is necessarily a bad thing. While annoying at lower levels, the higher you go, the quickly you realize that you have to be fast on your feet, have great sense of map awareness, and good control of your surroundings or you'll get flanked and surrounded faster than you can even realize. It created some intense moments that you can't experience in any other game mode in the game, where we already know all the spawn points.

Bugs and Glitches

Sigh. I don't mind the fact that there are bugs. With so many randomness, there's bound to be unexpected variable and an undesired result. But that's exactly why I'm worried that these might be hard to fix. For now, I'll list just the ones I found.

  1. Laptop floating in air. You need to hack one of these laptops as an objective and stay in the vincinity. I'm pretty sure it's meant to be on a table though. This actually happened on several occasions, which leads me to believe that it's not something devs can just go back and fix this one instance…

2) In between floors, you'll sometimes find locked doors that you can break and go through. It leads to a dead-end room, which I believe is currently a placeholder room, to be filled with chests and resource crates, which is fine. But this door literally opens up to a hallway. What?

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3) One of the objectives is to disable the Jupiter EMP. As you know you need to be in cover in the range of the emp to make it vulnerable, then kill it. This is what I was talking about w/ the issue of random map + random objectives. WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO TAKE COVER?? No, the gray mound on the right side doesn't protect you.

4) Sometimes a Rogue agent music will start playing but no announcement from ISAC "Rogue Agent Detected". So I assumed that rogues have spawned somewhere further down on the floor, but they never spawn. This happened twice to me and I'm not sure what the cause of this is, but it's pretty annoying.


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