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PTS – Summit First Impression and Bug Report Pt.2

Content of the article: "PTS – Summit First Impression and Bug Report Pt.2"

I've reached Floor 93 today so I'll make a part 2 of this:

Much of the overall design issues and some bugs here and there seem to remain, so I won't comment further on those. Instead I'll list a few things I've noticed and felt as I entered higher floors and eventually, Legendary floors. I mean, it doesn't get much better. In fact, I have so many questions for the devs.

Directives. Why?

In designing a game's "difficulty", I presume there are several ways to make players struggle and create a sense of challenge. Either buff the enemies, or handicap the player. I may not speak for everyone, but when we wanted a horde mode, we were expecting the difficulty to come from the former, rather than the latter.

This is an RPG looter shooter game. We raise our character, watch it get stronger and stronger as we loot better gears and weapons. Naturally, it follows that we want to test our limits, see exactly how strong we are, and take the ultimate test to prove ourselves at our maximum potential….. then you get hit with 4 random directives.

So at that point you feel less of a "challenge" and more of "frustration", because you're constantly reminded you could've mowed these enemies down if not for the directives. It's like you trained for years to be a pro boxer, only to go into the ring with one arm tied behind and your legs shackled for good measure. It's downright frustrating.

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There's no option to disable directives. Don't worry, Massive, if I want directives I'll turn it on. Now get it off me because I don't want it. It's absolutely cancerous. I'll just leave it at that.

Also noteworthy that the PTS directives are the pre-rework directives. So you have Ammo Hoarder instead of Pistolero, for instance. Jesus, I shudder to think how much worse it would've been if it was actually Pistolero.

Headhunter changes. Why?

This is a bit unrelated to Summit, but relates back to the Directives thing above. As y'all know, if you have all (or 4, in this case) directives on, the typical build choices are turret/drone, eclipse fire chem spam, or MMR. So let's talk about MMR briefly, or more specifically the HH.

If you read the patch notes, you'll have seen that you can no longer weapon swap to maintain the Headhunter buff, which was crucial in-between enemy encounters to keep up your dmg output. Now, I can see the argument of "defeating the purpose of rewarding skills. The buff should only be maintained through headshots." Fine. It was a nice QoL, but I can see the argument.

In PTS, subsequent headshots DO NOT refresh the Headhunter duration. Why? Isn't the whole point of Headhunter to ramp up in damage as you chain headshots? Isn't it called Chainkiller for a reason? If this change goes through, I'll probably be deleting my MMR loadout.

White Tusks. Why?

So, when we first heard of White Tusks, we were all like "lol, it's black tusks but white, what could possibly be different". Then we learn of the heal boxes, the stinger hive chunga, etc. that made White Tusks really feel like their own faction almost. Nobody thought of them as "bleached black tusks".

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In Summit, as far as I could see, you encounter no Chungas, no heal boxes, no medics, no drone operator, no grenadier, no nothing. It's literally just Assaults. They're literally Black Tusks with white uniforms now and even then, just regular assault NPCs only.

What part of this is "challenge"? What happened here? What is the reasoning behind this decision? Even the underground thieves have their own tanks spawn. I really do not understand some of the decisions made for White Tusks.

I couldn't push much further. The directives were simply cancerous and I did quit mid-way. Ask yourselves this. Next time you run a Capitol Legendary, would you like to have 4 directives on? Or would you run it twice with no directives? They'll both take about the same time.

Then ask yourselves: Why would I ever run Summit Legendary over DUA Legendary, given the same targeted loot? I'm not sure.

EDIT: I should clarify that you can choose to play on 81-90 if you want to play on Legendary difficulty w/o directives. But I don't know why it's either 0 or 4 directives, and why they won't let us just enable/disable them as we want. This defeats the purpose of "infinite" run since once we reach 90, welp, guess it's time to turn around.


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