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pvp is not good right now

Content of the article: "pvp is not good right now"

the devs don't play pvp, or they do it in controlled environments.

after the nerf to snipers, because of one talent that was deemed OP, my headshot build was gutted. before the nerf my body shots were not even taking a quarter of armor on 1.5 mil players. only my headshots would kill them. i don't use snipers without the scope. i main the mantis for long range and the white death for mid range with the 8× scope. right now i can't even break the armor off of a 1.5 mil armor with a headshot. i don't know how I'm supposed to do what marksman builds are supposed to do since I'm speccing all into headshot dmg and the only way to be effective again is to use glass canon which I'm not doing cause I'm already hella squishy as is.

please do look at broken stuff like the riot foam and the emp. both dominate in what they're supposed to do at skill tier 0 with out any other stat investment while my mortar turret, at skill tier 6 with glass canon and everything specced into explosive dmg with status effects and skill dmg, can't break half armor on a 1.5 mil armor player.

we also have intimidate and ad rush as BIS and lady death dominating all other weapons. it seems the devs have a fetish for exotic smgs dominating pvp. we had the house in div1 and now lady death in div2.

now for my suggestions as to what to do for OP stuff.

first up is foam. make it so we don't have to hold a damn button, instead make it so we have to roll to break free. each skill tier adds a button press so we have to spam the dodge button.

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then we have the emp which is what makes my blood boil. right now it one shots skills no matter the health or the skill tier. nerf the radius of it at skill tier 0 cause it's too damn big at 23 meters. also make it so it only disrupts skills that have higher skill tiers than it. base is 3 seconds of disruption and as skill tiers go up add a second to it.

intimidate and adrenalin rush. those too go hand in hand in making all pvp fights up close. intimidate is 35% wpn dmg which is huge since you have the bonus armor while hiding behind your shield, which gives you 10% dmg to players in front of you, which in turn makes it so investment into actual weapon dmg rolls a stupid decision.

lady death. it speaks for itself on how it adds to the degenerate behavior of chicken dancing when coupled with the above. they need to balance it with out touching it in pve. make it so in pvp it scales with how much you've specced into the red core attribute.

and one last thing. if we're not getting a change to riot foam then please add a blue resistance mod for it.


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