Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Quick list of things which would significantly improve the game experience, from my point of view (Xbox Series X)

Improving the controller settings options

  • The current maximum look sensitivity is represented by the 20 setting. This is definitely on the slow side, even for console shooters. This issue was made worse with the FOV and ADS FOV sliders, making the game feel even slower, it doesn't need to be this way. Increasing this setting will also mean more ADS and scoped sensitivity settings, since those are based on this setting

  • the Legacy stick layout (under Button Layout) is what I use. It doesn't seem to work correctly. Frequently I'll change my strafing directions while shooting, so if I'm strafing to my left and then tell the game to move to my right, I'll instead continue to move to the left until I release the stick entirely. This happens with any and all directions. It's not functioning properly and when the move commands don't work right, it's a problem. Also using Legacy, the slow look sensitivity at 20 isn't fast enough for me to change directions comfortably. Anytime I want to turn left or right or turn around, I have to stop sprinting, rotate in place, and begin sprinting again. This is because the look sensitivity isn't fast enough for Legacy sticks, I have to move to stick too far which causes me to exit sprint. With a higher look sensitivity than 20, I wouldn't need to move the stick as far if I want to do a simple turn. I've played enough console shooters with Legacy sticks to know how to use it properly

  • motion sickness mode: toggling this setting Yes or No appears to have no effect on anything. Does it work?

  • Damage Drop Off weapon stat indicator: selecting any weapon displays it's Damage Drop Off. The problem here is that it does not display the actual range values themselves. It only displays 0 and 100 (meters) as the baseline, and it's just a guessing game as to exactly how much range a weapon has

  • aiming with scoped weapons is quite frustrating with controller, while with other games it's easy and fun. This is for any 1st person weapon scope. I despise using weapon scopes, which largely impacts MMR's, and all 1st person scopes, including certain exotics like the Bighorn. Ease of use is important, we shouldn't be fighting the game for control of our aim, we should be worried more about our build and combat strategies

  • I think we need to bring back talents to other gear slots. Having only the chest and backpack armor get access to talents has dramatically made the game less fun overall. Individual builds aren't anywhere near as fun to construct, there's less complexity. At least bring the talents back to the gloves and knee pads, Contractors Gloves and Fox Prayer shouldn't be this good. They've been best in slot since they came out, and this is ridiculous. There's virtually no competition for these armor slots, and that's because those slots have no talents

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