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Rate my build.posted this as a response but though it diserved it’s own thread.

Content of the article: "Rate my build.posted this as a response but though it diserved it’s own thread."

Status Forever build

I have a build that I have been running with for awhile it's fun versatile and a little different from most pistol builds I see.

1)Vile mask or D&H Punch Drunk with status/ effect mod.Or Any D&H, Badger Tough,Golan Gear

2)D&H chest piece with Trauma /status effect mod. Armor or skill tier

3)Forge Holster /with status effect. Armor or skill tier.Or any Badger tuff or Golan Gear

|Golan Gear Anarchist cookbook back pack 

4) |or, |China Light strategic alignment back pack |or, |either back pack with Creeping Death or Wiked Armor or skill tier

5) Golan gloves – Grupo Sombra gloves or Firm HandShake

6) Golan kneepads. Or Grupo Sombra knee pads

 Or Badger Tough knee pads with armor status effect and skill haste or armor regen 

7) Weapon should be SASG12 shot gun or KSG Shot gun. Or ACS 12 with perpetuation.

8) Weapon 2: Everlasting Gaze with perfect perpetuation. Or A weapon with Eyeless – Sadist or their perfect variants . Preferably use an SMG if you equip Sokolov Concern Firm Handshake.

9) Pistol: Liberty or a D50 with Perpetuation

10) Specialization:Tactician or Grenader.

11) Skills: Shield and Stinger Hive or Shock Traps.

The basic core of the build is to constantly overwhelm enemies with statuses while being nearly invulnerable

Your using shotguns because they put out 400k+ DMG running skill and armor except the ACS 12 which is around 275k but has 300rpm fire rate and 20 round magazine.RocknRoll has 30 rounds,they also cause stagger.

Using perpetuation your causing a 50% damage and duration boost to your next status applied to all enemies that receive the status which they instantly receive when you shoot them either blind bleed or both,due to wearing the chest piece with trauma. If you have creeping death this spreads to all enemies within 5 meters. If wearing Wiked you will do 18% more Dmg to status effected enemies for 20 seconds

Read:  To the dude I stole the Lady Death from in DZ West yesterday.... sorry, not sorry (TLDR / Shitty Story)

You can repeat this every 16-20 seconds usually by the time the status wears of your talents have cooled down.

One China light piece boost the Vile mask because of the 15%explosive Dmg this is the reason you would run Grenader specialization also it's easy to use the grenade launcher on heavies. Tactician gives you an extra skill tier so you should be around 3 skill tiers if using that. 2 tiers on your gear the rest armor.Shot guns do plenty of damage without weapon dmg rolled on you can roll it if you preffer more damage though.

I put alot of options because not everybody has everything but you can get the basic build using a variation of these gears.My vile mask hits at 100k+ a tic to any enemy I status effect and my blind and bleed or shock status can all work simultaneously procking Vile while causing dmage on there own.

I have completed all legendaries and both raids with this build though I usually run jammer pulse instead of shield.

Let me know what you guys think and if there's any room for improvement.


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