Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Replacing Harmony with Capicator in a drone/turret PvE build

For a very long time, i have played (95% PvE) a standard drone/turret technician build which currently consists of

  • 3 x Empress
  • Hana-U Backpack (Force Multiplier with perfect Combined Arms)
  • Waveform
  • A Wyvern Chest with Spotter
  • The Harmony (Perfect In Sync) with a technician laser pointer (to go with spotter).

An important point of this build is that weapon damage is only needed to keep up In Sync and Combined Arms all the time. Playing like that can be very relaxed.

This build brings about 1.85 million DPS on the shooting range, and enables me to do heroic content solo or be a viable team member in Legendary.

I am however now faced with the dilemma of having the Capacitor, and wanting to run it.

Replacing the Harmony from above build with Capacitor interestingly does not change the dps. It is still around 1.85 million. On a non-moving target, that is (and tbh i also need to respec technician to AR damage). The first major change from the Harmony build is that i have to shoot all the time, and be more accurate to keep up the dps in the same range as the Harmony build.

However, for the Capacitor build i should also replace the Wyvern Chest with Spotter, because its not needed anymore, meaning that the dps could be significantly increased with a proper chest plate. Due to set boni, I actually would like to go with either Wyvern (10 skill damage) or a 2nd piece of Hana (also 10 skill damage)

I have read about running The Sacrifice with Glass Cannon and Weapon Damage roll (Technician's Amped keeps me at 6 skill tiers), but the its set bonus is rather pointless, and i dont like dying.

I also have thought about just replacing the Spotter talent on the breast with Kinetic Momentum, because it might be very good with two static talents (drone/turret).

So, what would you chose as a breast plate if everything else stays the same (3 x Empress, Force Multiplier, Waveform)?

Another side question is that turrent/drone does not really benefit from skill haste (currently at 112%), because the drone lasts forever, and the turret is now pickable. but skill duration is even more pointless, so i wonder what the best secondary skill is on my items (currently my stuff only features skill damage and skill haste).


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