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Ridgeway’s Pride: Gatherer | Exotic Chest Blueprint | The Summit | Guide

A. There are 5 Exotic Gems you must loot from secret chests in The Summit.
B. You must have those gems in your inventory when completing Floor 100.
C. Completing Floor 100 w/ the gems will unlock a Goal Project. (not the blueprint)

  • Secret Chests & Keys
    • Every 3rd Floor there will be a secret room with a loot chest. The rooms are usually locked with a yellow lock or a yellow box you can shoot which will open the door. They are usually on the same floor near the elevator you go in to reach the next floor.
    • To unlock those chests, you must find keys on the floors. The keys will be visible on the mini-map if there's no directives blocking it.
    • The keys are usually on one floor below every 3rd Floor or they will be on every 3rd Floor after you cleared it. If you do not find any key, then it must be bugged so move on.
    • If you play with a headset, you can hear a sound whenever a key drops when you're about to head to another floor. Usually, you'd hear it after completing a floor as well.

Exotic Gems (5)

  1. Vest: Normal Body Armor | (Normal Difficulty Chest) | Floor 1 – 10
  2. Vest: Hard Shoulder Pads | (Hard Difficulty Chest) | Floor 11 – 20
  3. Vest: Challenging Hunting Knife | (Challenging Difficulty Chest) | Floor 21 – 50
  4. Vest: Heroic Flag Patch | (Heroic Difficulty Chest) | Floor 51 – 80
  5. Vest: Legendary Dog Tags | (Legendary Difficulty Chest) | Floor 81 – 100

– In order to unlock the Goal Project, you must have looted the 5 Exotic Gems. Completing Floor 100 without the gems will only reward you with cosmetics if you didn't get them the first time.
– When in a secret room or looking for a key, do not have anyone stay in the elevator.
– Exotic Gems are unique to their own respective difficulty and are loot from secret chests. (Normal to Legendary)- There is no secret behind the farming, its just about drop rates. You will have to keep grinding the chests for each difficulty you are missing until it drops for you.
– Do not leave The Summit after completing Floor 100 until you get the Goal Project or firing the flare for extraction.
– The Gems can still be looted if your inventory is at 100/full.
– When you or someone is opening the chest, make sure to be near it or else you won't get the loot.

Goal Project

Completing Floor 100 w/ all gems will unlock you this project

– The weapon must be a drop or a purchase. It cannot be crafted. Recalibrating a weapon w/ Sadist works.
– Perfectly Unbreakable is a chest piece.
– Exotic components can be obtained by salvaging an exotic weapon.

Ridgeway's Pride: Hunter | Goal Project

This project will unlock as you complete the one above. They're all 0/3.

– Open world bosses counts within their respective gangs. Doing the same boss will not count.
– Rogues agents in Warlords of New York map works. They also spawn in The Summit.
– Keys can be obtained through Bounties or underground areas. The Summit can also drop gang keys from named Bosses.
– Hunters can be found on Floor 100 or in the open world areas by completing some mechanics.
– You can also farm one hunter that will always spawn during the Shade bounty (Warlords Map). Make sure to leave your session (relog) after killing the hunter to reset the bounty. This hunter will also disappear if you take too long to kill him. He will appear in one of the areas you clear on your way to Shade.

– I would suggest doing the Heroic & Legendary Floors first as those usually takes the longest to complete for most groups. Matchmaking will be your best option or find good agents to play with.
– There is no respawn time for the chest, whenever you go back in The Summit, it'll be available.
– Even if you completed a hundreds floors and the gems still hasn't dropped, keep doing it. It'll drop.


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