Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Rigger Build Testing

So I finally have a full 6 piece of this set and decided to test it out and compare it to just a regular yellow tech build (turret/drone). Here are my stats:

SHD lvl 614

Technician Spec

Skill dmg/haste maxed on watch


  1. 4 piece rigger with wyvern kinetic momentum chest/named hana backpack (perfect combined arms) Harmony/test subject
  2. 4 piece rigger with set chest (50% bonus dmg at interaction) hana backpack Harmony/test subject
  3. 4 piece rigger with the gift, hana backpack Harmony/test subject

  4. Regular Yellow build. 2pc hana/3 murakami/1 wyvern (kinetic momentum/perfect combined arms)

The test:

I tested on the range, elite target at 5m and I had both stacks of kinetic momentum up during the tests that I equipped it (build 1 and 4). I used test subject for all tests. Max values have all buffs applied. Avg values are missing one or two buffs and low values have no buffs (besides kinetic momentum which is always up when its equipped)


Build 1

turret 230k max 209k avg 139k low

drone 145k max 131k avg 87k low

build 2

turret 208k max 160k-170 avg 107k low

drone 130k max 100k avg 87 low

Build 3

turret 231 max 174 avg low 147k

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drone 145k avg 111 low 92

Build 4

turret 238 max 193 avg 162 low

drone 149 max 121k avg 101 low


while this isn't an overly scientific test. Just looking at the values here the new set is ok compared to a yellow build. the set bonus is mediocre and that really makes the chest piece talent for this set quite useless. This being a set item its really as good as it sounds because you are giving up secondary attributes (haste/status etc) to wear it and it doesn't compensate enough for all of that loss. It barely keeps up with just the regular build and youd actually want to use this set without its chest piece talent or the set backpack (for turret/drone)


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