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Rogue Agent build: Combat Engineer

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A few weeks back i made a post about a "what if" build centered around Bio weapons used by Keener and his agents (Here it is), this is a follow up to that a build inspired by Theo Parnell and his work.

The general idea behind this were the seemingly endless amount drones and tricks Parnell had in his sleeves to survive the encounter with 4 angry agents who didnt see a Bullet King drop in 5 days straight. Looking at it by a lore perspective this Specialization would not have that much trouble to be empolyed by the Division if they ever find Parnells research.

Specialization tree:

Grenade: After you unlock this spec you would recive 10 points at the start but you can only put them in to the grenade variant since it would be replaced by one of the sticky bomb skills on tier 0 (Regular, EMP, Flame) you can't influence this by putting on skill tier items, and it has a fixed 20 second CD but i does scale from skill damage.

Cosmetic outfit: I mean the dudes spare clothes, so we can have his apperance.

Specialization weapon: Model-3 tactical bomber, when you activate it you pulse everyone on skill rank 2 baseline and pull up a targeting monitor with a 30m sight around you from the battlefield, enemys only show here when they are pulsed (can be any source).

You can mark 4 locations for the drone to strike (happens immedetly after area is chosen), you cant move while you are controlling the drone (imagine it like the basic UI pulled up in combat), the pulse skill has a 30 second CD after you active your skill the first time and you can have 8 special ammo maximum. The bombs have 4.5-5 million damage and they explode on a 5m radius, they do scale from explosive damage.

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Possible talent upgrades:

For 10 points you have a choice to replace your grenades with EMP/Regluar/Flame sticky bomb you can only pick one (they are all skill tier 6 baseline).

For 10 points each rank (1-4) you can upgrade your specialization weapon 15% dmg and 1 skill tier to the pulse it triggers.

For 5 points replace your armor kits with a tier 0 healing drone that can overheal its target with 30% of its armor as bonus armor (you can controll this like a regular drone), has a fix 16 second CD, does not scale with repair skill, skill haste, skill tiers from any source.

For 10 points you can upgrade the drone with 3 skill tier and 50% hazard protection.

For 10 points you can uprgade the drone with another 3 skill tier and and whoever it is attached to gains 25% hazard protection.

For 15 points you can equip two of the same skill type (example Striker and Defender Drone).

For 10 points the first skill you activate (only the 2 you have to equip) gains overcharge for 10 seconds on a 60 second CD.

For 10 points (6-1-1-1-1) unlock side arm "Plan-B" a pistol with only 3 bullets but every bullet shocks its target for 4 second and only deals damage to mechanical targets 300k baseline, increasing 10% with every tier.

For 2 points each rank (1-5) you and everyone around you (20m) gains 1-5% weapon and skill damage for every spotted enemy you are in combat with.

45 generic weapon of choice points.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this idea or correct me with the math on the spec points. I had no PVP in mind when i came up with these ideas. The idea behind this Specialization to not be on the front and help out your team with an arsenal of skills an utility. They work without forcing skill builds out of players but does not punish someone if they run one.

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