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Rogue agent encounters don’t feel as rewarding in the lower difficulties

Content of the article: "Rogue agent encounters don’t feel as rewarding in the lower difficulties"

I’m aware that some people might not feel the same way but after talking to a friend about it, he brought up a lot of good points. I’m fully aware the devs have more important issues to deal with but I’ll just rant anyway since they’ll most likely not look at these. I believe rogue agents should not just be rewarding but also a challenge to fight when you face them in missions. I have an idea to how this can work but I doubt people might actually agree with it. I digress, anyway if you are aware how rogue agents work, then you should how they are set up. They spawn at the level of the mission or global difficulty. I feel that rogue agents should be at a base difficulty of challenging. The reason for this is because this is where the loot begins to get really good and also because there are no chances of gaining purple gear from them. They also should increase the chances of getting a named item that correlates with the targeted loot. (Example if you fight them when Petrov is targeted loot you have better chances of getting contractors gloves. Etc) in normal difficulty you should get a challenging rogue agent. It’ll will work like (# of group members) -1 = (# of challenging rogue agent spawns). If you are solo normal no rogue agents will spawn. If you are with 2 people , 1 rogue agent spawns if you have 4 people ,3 rogue agents spawn. Like this. In hard difficulty the rogue agents will work like (# of group members) = (# of challenging rogue agents spawn) so 1 = 1 etc.. challenging and heroic will be unaffected. I’m aware this will not affect most of you since you play challenging or heroic already. But if for example I join a friend who’s in normal for whatever reason and we get rogue agents, it’ll still seem worth doing since the loot is already on challenging and it MIGHT be good. The next thing I want to talk about is how they spawn in missions and strongholds. It’s kind of bugged me that ISAC warns us of rogue agents are detected and then when we go into the next room and it’s empty of all NPCs except the rogue agents. I want to suggest to integrate them into existing missions. Let’s say for example you are doing Lincoln Memorial and while doing the second encounter (the area where you kill the first True sons Boss) isac warns “Rogue Agents detected” then you head to the next room. And you see true sons and rogue agents duking it out and of course the rogue agents are winning. So you can choose to take out the true sons and focus the rogue agents or use the true sons as shields to take out the rogue agents. These kind of three sided fights(or wars) would make facing them more fun and add a lot of more variability on how you play.

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I’m ranting I know but I would love to see this kind of stuff happen. It’ll make the game more enjoyable in my opinion but hey it’s just an idea I wanted to throw out there


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