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Skill Build I used to solo farm for Big Horn

A friend told me I should share my build I used to solo farm for Big Horn in the summit on Legendary. I was running floor 30, killing the boss, and resetting the floor about every 2.5 to 7 minutes. Resetting is accomplished by fast traveling back to the lobby before completing the floor. Kill the boss, grab his drops, and fast travel out while the new wave of enemies is still spawning. Got a Big Horn to drop after about 30 to 40 minutes.

It is a skill DPS build. It uses:

Specialization: Technician (gives +1 skill tier)

Weapon: Capacitor (I never use my secondary or sidearm honestly)

Armor: 3 pieces of Empress International

1 piece Yaahl Gear (the hazard protection keeps EMP from disabling your skills)

1 piece Wyvern Wear (skill damage yay)

Memento backpack

You want skill damage and haste with just a bit of hazard protection on your armor pieces. The chest on my build has Spark for extra weapon damage, but there are other viable skill-related Talents that would work just as well if not better.

Armor Mods: Protection from Elites x 3 (helps survive the boss and any boomers)

Skills: Stinger Hive and Assault Turret

My plan of attack was super-simple. I would throw my turret onto a centralized location where it could shoot almost anywhere in the room. Then I would throw my hive at a choke point the enemies needed to run through to get to me. They'll usually avoid running through it, so they won't be able to rush you. The turret on several occasions killed a boomer and/or the boss completely on its own. Don't be afraid to cancel your hive if you need to throw it to a new position. It recharges pretty fast and really only needs about 3 or 4 charges to cause serious mayhem. Once the boss is isolated, throw your hive and/or grenades at him to force him out of cover for your turret and Capacitor to do their work. Stay back, stay safe, and heal when needed. Your turret will tank a TON of damage for you. Drone rushers will actually send their drones to try to kill your turret, which is highly ineffective. Snipers tend to keep shooting at the turret as well, also highly ineffective. The single most important thing is keeping your turret active at all times, so hide until you can redeploy it if it goes down.

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Feel free to ask me anything regarding the build or how it works. The damage is extremely high, and the survivability is respectable for a build with no heals or shield. Good luck and have fun.


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