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So, I solo’ed the last NY Hunters, only there were 6 instead of 4??

As per title…

I have been following NothingButSkillz's WoNY Hunters Guide and hunting those guys… with a 100% Hazard Protection + Scorpio + skill build they weren't that hard to solo (Drone + Turret for the single hunters, Firefly + Turret for the couples and Foam + Decoy for the final 4 hunter party).

So yesterday I went for the last step, more for checking out the fight and knowing what to expect than with the idea of getting the 4 at first try. I have never used foam nor a CC build, I lack the muscle memory (you can see several times in the video that I wanted to shoot them with the chem launcher but ended up shotgunning or viceversa) so this is firmly a training run.

I did all the shooting and by the time I was finishing I get a Drone Patrol just on the area where I have to spawn them. Oh, well, I wasn't going to get them anyway and you never know, maybe the Drone shoots them or draws their aggro as hostiles tend to do when there are hunters around (spoiler: it didn't, I had to fight the hunters AND the mother**** drone).

Anyway, I YOLO'ed it, I get lucky and a civil patrol appears just as the hunters spawn so it becomes me and our civil army vs 4 hunters and a drone. Except I end up killing 6 hunters. 4 of them drop masks, as expected, 1 doesn't drop anything (min 4:10) and on closer inspection he isn't wearing the same appareal as the other hunters but has the hunter logo on his health bar. Another one drops no mask, but he does drop the last off-white key (min 5:35).

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Has anybody seen that before? Do Hunters revive each other or was it just a massively bugged instance?

pd: If anybody is interested in the build, it's at the end of the video. It's a mess, I was just throwing stuff around to see what stuck. Vile is worthless here and I should have changed it for an Eclipse mask, which would have given me the backpack amplified damage bonus and probably allowed me to kill a couple of them much faster and have an easier time. This said, it shows how good is the decoy and that Hunters are soloable with Scorpio and a 100% hazard protection build that allows for some skill usage.

pd2: Turret is a big no vs more than a single Hunter. You can't be disrupted, but they can still hack your turret. Both 1 vs 2 fights ended up being 1 vs 3 (2 hunters and 1 hacked turret)


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