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Some thoughts on Hunter’s Fury and Belstone Armory Brand Set after playing for a bit wit them

Content of the article: "Some thoughts on Hunter’s Fury and Belstone Armory Brand Set after playing for a bit wit them"

Like many, I was very excited to use the new Hunter's Fury Gear Set and Belsone Armory Brand Set for CQC with Shotguns and SMG's. I am a professed shotgun and SMG whore in a lot of FPS / 3PS games I play and love a run-and-gun, in-your-face style of play. The closest I've come to this is Division 2 so far is my 1/5/0 4-piece System Corruption build (SC backpack and Zero-F's chest with NinjaBike knees using Chameleon and Ceulebre) and my Perfect Clutch build that uses a Fenris chest with Obliterate (weapons are Chameleon and Dark Winter). The build using the new aforementioned gear that I'm using is by no means done; I'm working with what I have.


Mask: Belstone Armory max WD (core), max Armor Regen, 9.7%HZP with 12% PfE mod

Chest: Hunter's Fury max WD (core), 9.2%HZP with 12% PfE mod

Holster: Hunter's Fury max WD (core), max CHC

Backpack: Hunter's Fury max Armor (core), max CHC with 12% PfE mod

Gloves: Hunter's Fury max Armor (core), max HZP

Knees: Belstone Armory max Armor (core), 5.1%CHC, 8.5%HZP

Primary Weapon: The Mop (Max WD with Preservation)

Secondary Weapon: Emiline's Guard (Max WD, CHC, CHD with Perfect Preservation)

Sidearm: Double Barrel Sawed-Off (Max WD, DtA, HSD with Close and Personal)

Skills: Decoy and Banshee Pulse

Specialization: Gunner


The build is a 3/3/0 build that tries to maximize weapon damage while keeping survivability high. It sports 1.2m armor and 323K health (or something close to that). The key pieces from the Hunter's Fury and Belstone Armory gear give 15% shotgun dmg, 15% SMG dmg, 20% AoK, 100% HoK, 1% Armor Regen, and 10% HoK. With my SHD watch, I have close to 50% HZP. If you include the AoK from The Mop (10% AoK native + 10%/20% from Preservation) or Emiline's Guard (12%/24% from Perfect Preservation), the minimum AoK I will see per kill is 50% and as high as 60%/64%. THAT'S INSANE. Granted the AoK from Preservation is AoT (Armor over Time) but that's still very very strong. Add the 1% Armor Regen (12K / second in my case) and 36% Protection from Elites and you can see that this build, at least on paper, has incredible sustain.

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As advertised, this is a run-and-gun, face-tanking set. I generally start engagements by popping my Banshee Pulse and then laying into enemies with the Dark Winter. As I stat to take damage, I'll switch to The Mop to pick up the AoK. I'll deploy the Decoy to take aggro off of me so I can continue killing. Rinse – Repeat. My belief is that this build shines when solo, but that's also it's weakness at 3/3/0. If you have multiple enemies in Heroic focusing fire on you it doesn't take long for them to chew through all your armor. I found myself using cover-to-cover moves almost exclusively during combat to close distance to enemies.

To be honest, I found Apex Predator to be a mixed bag. The damage bonus was nice but the confuse effect wasn't really that effective in most situations. It was almost useless in the open world due to how the enemy NPC's scatter at the start of combat. It was most useful in missions where enemies were clustered together due to the environment or when they were coming out of the spawn area (yes – Cheesy I know). Adding the backpack which increases the range from 5m to 10m helped a little bit but I'm not sure if it's worth it.


  1. Drop the Hunter's Fury pack in favor of a Belstone Armory pack with Versatile – This would give 35% increased weapon damage when switching between SMG and Shotgun. This would also require you to swap-in a Hunter's Fury mask of knees.
  2. If you don't have decent Belstone armory pieces, substitute in Deathgrips (10% Aok) and Emperor's Guard (1% Armor Regen). This will give you the Belstone Armory brand bonuses at the expense of 2 gear attributes. You would also have to have a Hunter's Fury Mask.
  3. Go to a 2/4/0 configuration – I think if you combined this with #1, it would be quite powerful and would more than make up for the loss of a red core, at the expense of having to switch between the 2 weapons to get that weapon bonus.
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Overall, I really love this set. It definitely makes Shotguns and SMG's more viable while providing some much needed sustain for those weapons to be useful at close-range.


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