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Specialization concept: the shocker(open to suggestion)

Content of the article: "Specialization concept: the shocker(open to suggestion)"

Hello fellow agents, today i brought you another concept. This time instead of an exotic we have an entire spec.

Specialization "weapon": a tablet. Has a lock on ability(like tecnician) and grant overcharge to a single ally(or ourself) or take control of enemy robotics for some time(doesnt apply on elite doggos) for 10 sec.

To gain more ammo you have to shock enemies (1 bar each enemy).

To give more bars to your allies you have to kill shocked, emped or pulsed enemies.

**Specialization "weapon" improvement(the one that usually increase the damage):**This weapon dont dela damage, so increase the time a skill is hacked by 2 sec up to 10 sec.

Specialization skill: taser firefly, apply shock charges to enemies. If the targets get too close to each other or to you, the device detonates and shock them.This skill comes with 2 mods: effect duration and cooldown reduction

Specialization grenade: Shock grenade, apply shock, but the radiud is sightly smaller than a regular grenade(because shock is a really strong status)

Specialization mod(assault rifle): 7% weapon handling

Specialization sidearm: no idea, let me know in the comments if you have any suggestion

Lower-right branch

  • Tactical link: when on overcharge, allies near you gain +1 skill tier
    • Know your enemy: When you or your skill take damage pulse the enemy for 2 seconds.
    • Longlasting overcharge: Overcharge duration is increased by 5 sec when applied to ourself.
    • Pulse resistance 50% like others spec.

Top branch

  • New batteries: increase shock duration by 3% per stage(max 15%)
    • Resource management: When a skill is destroied(expired or killed by enemies) gain 5% rate of fire for 5 sec(up to 15% for 10 sec). Skill that self destruct like mines or firefly dont trigger the effect on expiration
    • Optimization: Skill efficiency(the same you get from memento talent)1%(up to 5%)
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How to use this spec.

This is a skill oriented spec like the tecnician, but rely on shock, a status relatively rare to find. Thats why it comes with shock grenades and shock firefly.

Another focus of this spec is the overcharge improvements. Your specialization "weapon" grant overcharge to ally and yourself and other talent like tactical link and longlasting overcharge increase the duration and grant +1 skill tier to allies near you.

Another cool feature about the spec weapon is the proxy theft. Taking control of robotics and skills can be gamechanging. For example you can steal a medic drone to revive your ally or a support station to heal your team and negate healing to the enemies. As you can see it can be used in more creative way other than just take control of enemy doggos. Keep in mind that is only a temporary effect (so an army of drones is not possible) and if the original owner die, the skill is destroyed like usual.

The fact that is a skill spec doesnt mean that you cant play as a tank. For example you can use a shield, take aggro and pulse enemies while your friend with spotter clear the room. If your shield is destroied the bonus rof can help you finish the job.

About the skill efficiency, for everyone who dont know,for each 1%, grant 1% skill duration, haste, repair, damage and status effect.

What do you think? Any improvement/balancing to this spec (i suck at balancing)? Any idea for the sidearm?

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Let me know. 🙂


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