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State of the Game – September 23, 2020

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State of the Game

This State of the Game focused on the Title Update 11 launch and Season 3.


Priority Alerts

Maintenance September 22nd

Launch of Title Update 11: Summary


Unscheduled Maintenance – September 24th, 2020

Tomorrow's maintenance will address these two issues:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from acquiring the exotic chest Ridgeway’s Pride.
  • Fixed an issue with the Stranded Tanker mission that would halt and block progression.

=> Source


Year 1 Pass Ownership Update

=> News


Known Issues

Season 3 intro video loop

  • They don’t have a fix for this issue ready for tomorrow, but it is a top priority to be fixed
  • As soon as the fix is ready, they will deploy that.


Players equipped mods are unexpectedly changing attribute or function

  • They are working on a fix for that and hopefully also one that will restore the old mods.
  • No ETA for that fix yet.


Control point alert level indicator is missing on the mega map

  • That is being worked on.


Deployed skills becoming invisible.

  • That is being worked on.


SHD Watch red

  • They are aware of that


Negotiators Dilemma UI not working properly

  • They have been trying to reproduce this issue but have come up short
  • So if this issue happens to you, send the information and the account details to the devs, so that this can be reproduced.


=> More detailed list: Link


Free Weekend

=> Time Schedule

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The Division 2 will be entirely free to play for the weekend of September 24 to September 27. You’ll be able to play as much of the base game as you want, which includes levels 1-30, World Tiers 1-5, both Raids, Episodic content, and more.

Any progress you make during the free weekend is carried over, should you decide to purchase the full game.

=> Details here


The Division Sale

Become an agent & restore order in Washington D.C. with The Division 2 at up to 67% off.

=> Shop


Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops are enabled for the whole The Division Directory:

=> Preview

It should be active until October 10th.


Watch any streamer for the defined times to earn these drops.

  • 3 Legacy Caches – 30 minutes
  • Backpack Trophy – 1h




As mentioned last week, TU11.1 is already announced and this update will add more improvements to the Summit.

More updates at a later point.


Season 3 – Concealed Agenda


=> Overview


SHD Exposed Global Event

The SHD Exposed Global Event revolves around these SHD Exposed stacks. You build up these stacks while moving around and the more stacks you have the more damage you take. But you can also transfer these stacks to the NPCs around you and as soon as they have the stacks, they take more damage.


Building up SHD Exposed Stacks

=> Stacks Icon

  • Every time you move around in the open while visible to enemies you build up SHD Exposed stacks, you see the icon in your buff-bar.
  • The faster you are moving, the faster you are building up these stacks. (for example, running)
  • The higher the SHD Exposed stacks are, the more damage you take.


Transfer SHD Exposed Stacks

=> Stack Pulse

  • When you melee an enemy, you will always transfer all the stacks that you have to that enemy.
  • When you have the max amount of SHD Exposed stacks and you do a cover to cover move, you start a pulse that transfers all your SHD Exposed stacks to the enemies around you.
  • When an enemy is killed, the SHD Exposed stacks will be transferred to the NPCs that are in the area.
  • The stacks on the NPCs will be refreshed and it always uses the higher number. For example, when an enemy already has 50 stacks, and you melee them with 20 stacks, it clears your own stacks, but the NPC still has the 50 from before.
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Exposed Stacks degradation

  • Normal enemies will keep their stacks for quite a long time.
  • Veterans will slowly lose the stacks
  • Elites or Named Enemies will lose the stacks quite fast.


Global Events Changes

After reviewing the Global Events as a whole, we decided that the Global Events introduced in Season 1 did not provide the power boost to agents that we desire. As such, the following global events have been re-worked to provide a significant boost to player power.


  • Guardians – The buff provided from killing a Guardian angel now grants the ability to penetrate guardian protection. In addition, the buff renews its duration with each kill, permitting agents to chain kills throughout an entire fireteam without necessarily defeating all guardians first. Additionally, defeating all guardians in a fireteam now prevents the surviving members from regaining protection for an amount of time-based on their veterancy. (Standard enemies will not be able to receive protection for a long time, named enemies can regain protection quite quickly.) Finally, melee attacks against protected enemies will briefly rob those enemies of their protection.


  • Polarity Switch – The shock for shooting opposite-polarity enemies has been removed. Values for the strength of the stacking buff have been updated to provide a significant power boost to agents.


  • Reanimated – The green cloud produced by killing enemies with a headshot no longer harms agents. This cloud now heals agents and provides a significant boost to their firepower while standing within it. The green cloud continues to significantly harm enemies.



  • You can check out The Division 2 Roadmap here: Link
  • The Division 1 Global Event Schedule 2020
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Community Resources

The community has provided many guides, tools, and lists: Link


Important links

  • Video
  • Article on the official page


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