Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Status: Rogue (Fan Made Story By Me, please go easy)

"An agent has gone rogue"

That voice haunted Agent Samson's mind. The nightmare of becoming rogue became true. His former squadmates, the ones he trusted, now see him as a hostile. His family was gone, lost to Roosevelt Island.

But he knew he had no other choice, D.C. was in ruins. It can't be saved, noone can be. Hyenas, Outcasts, True Sons, hell even the Division themselves are mindless murders, serving an unknown purpose of power.

Samson, now given the callsign Mastiff, was "stationed" in D.C. by Black Tusk allies, with three other rogues accompanying him, callsigns Fenrir, Bulldozer, and Wrench. These are the only ones the Samson really trusted after they convinced him to ally with Black Tusk once Keener was KIA.

Their job was simple: Scout over the Campus settlement, analyze guard scheduling, and wait for the chance to strike. The four took turns scouting the settlement, with the two teams being Samson and Fenrir, then switching to Bulldozer and Wrench.

Samson watched over as the guards keep tabs on the Campus inhabitants. "Look at them, easy pickings" Fenrir says, a nasty grin slides across his face. "Calm down, they aren't even armed" Samson replies.

"Nothing wrong with a little target practice" Fenrir makes a finger gun and aims at the four guards "Bang, bang, bang, bang, and thats all she wrote" Samson looks at Fenrir in disgust "Are the women and children target practice too?"

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"Everyone needs a challenge. If only I got my hands on the so-called Eclipse that Keener cooked up" Fenrir chuckles. Samson sighs and looks around inside the Campus for more guards. Fenrir lays on his side to look at Samson.

"You have any family" Fenrir questions. Samson puts his scope down "no, I lost them on Roosevelt Island, either infected or shot." Fenrir looks sympathetic "who did you lose" Samson didn't want to answer.

Fenrir put his hand on Samson's shoulder. " sign My wife and 7-year-old daughter. We got separated in the mass of people trying to escape. That's when I got activated."

"Alright, come back to the safe house, you two" Wrench talks over comms "Roger, heading out" Fenrir replies "okay, thats enough sadness for today, let's head out" As Fenrir stands up, Samson looks through his scope one last time. As he skims through the people, he sees a child.

He didn't want to believe it at first. He couldn't. His eyes begin to tear up. Before he could react, Fenrir knocks the scope out of his hand "did you hear me, let's go" Fenrir leaves the room of the building their in. Samson picks up the scope and looks through.

The child was gone in the crowd. "I knew it" he says to himself, packing up his gear and heading out back to the safe house.

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(If this does well, can I make a part 2 if its possible. All criticism is accepted)


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