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Stinger Healer Legendary Summit Build

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Just wanted to share a build that has been working well for me running Legendary in 4 man groups on the Summit. Mostly just play with matchmaking and switch to this build when I feel like the lack of heals are holding us back. I find it can be boring though when the only thing you are doing is healing so came up with this build as something in between.

The build is using Technician Spec with the skills of Reinforcer Chem Launcher and Stinger Hive with BTSU Gloves. I am running 2 piece Hana-u(10% Skill Haste/Skill Damage) and 3 piece Murakami(20% Skill Duration/Repair Skills, and 10% Skill Damage). The build is really flexible in terms of Brands. I would say as long as you are getting two 10% Skill Damage from either 1 piece Wyvern, 2 piece Hana-U, or 3 piece Murakami with the BTSU Data Gloves everything else is flexible. China Light 1 or 2 piece work as well since Explosive Damage works with the Stinger Hive. Alps for more Repair and even Belstone for 1 blue for the 1% Regen. For Attribute Rolls you are looking for Skill Damage and Skill Haste with Haste mods on all 3 pieces. A good repair or armor regen rolls would be fine as long only on 1 or 2.

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I am using the Safeguard Talent on the backpack. “While at full armor, increases total skill repair by 100%). At Full Armor I have 158% Skill Repair which means I can instantly heal any of my teammates with the chem launcher. It does 1.2M heals on initial repair and another 370K per sec for the next 6 seconds. I rarely ever run out of ammo as well.

For the chest piece I am running the talent Tamper Proof. “Enemies that walk within 3m of your hive,turret, or remote pulse are shocked. Arm time: 2s and Cooldown per Skill: 10s”. This is a talent I completely slept on till Legendary summit. In Legendary it is rarely run and gun but mostly sit in cover. Tamper Proof on your hive can lock down a doorway. Enemies act completely different when it is up. They are way more cautious and will not rush you. I thought it was just the Hive but when I switched to Empathic Resolve the enemies became much more aggressive. So I switched back to Tamper Proof.

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For the weapons I mainly use a rifle with In sync and Sweet Dreams for just in case. This build is not for every situation but works very well on the Summit for Legendary group runs. It works best with 3 non-SMG DPS builds. Teams that are patient and do better doing damage at a distance. Especially if your team is using Revive hives for themselves. Cause often heals don’t matter if you get 1 or 2 shotted. With your BTSU gloves you can reset the cooldown for your team every 2 mins if need be. Often though I use it for myself to get my hive back with full charges quickly.

The hardest part of the build is hive placement. Often you throw your hive down and the enemy goes around it or just ignores it.


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