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Suggestions for buffs to allow for more customization and power for our agent.

Content of the article: "Suggestions for buffs to allow for more customization and power for our agent."

With TU8, a lot of changes came that removed both power and customization from our agent. With that, our agent began to feel very plain, due to a lack of things to change. With these suggestions, I'd like to change 4 things in particular.

1). Make specializations more distinct with more abilities.

2). Improve customization to increase overall power and allow for more individual changes.

3). Increase our Agent's utility to allow for more of an advantage over the enemy.

4). Fix some balancing and function issues I've experienced with stats pertaining to armor builds.

Armor Kits

The number of spec armor kits will be increased to 5.

After using any armor kit you will gain 0.5 seconds of invincibility to avoid losing your armor immediately after using a kit.


Restore power. Before TU8, we had access to 6 armor kits. I think it was a bit too steep of a nerf from 6 to 4, so I think increasing it to 5 once you unlock a specialization would help split the difference.

Avoid wasting a kit. The short period of invincibility will be more of a QoL change than a major gameplay change. It will make it so if you happen to get unlocks with a grenade, sniper, or fire from multiple enemies, you will not lose the armor you just gained from the kit.


All grenades will have their radius increased by at least 60% to counter enemy reaction times.

Grenades can be cooked by default.

A grenade wheel will now be used to select grenades, like The Division 1. You will have concussion and your spec grenades by default. After you unlock grenades from another spec, you will be able to choose those as a 3rd grenade to be active in the wheel. You will have 4 of each.


Make them a more viable tool. Due to the almost immediate reaction from NPCs when a grenades lands, they are often only usable for getting a target out of cover for a moment. With the radius buff and ability to cook them, grenades will be more effective, especially if you take the time to aim them well.

-Add utility. Having access to only two types of grenades limits what an agent can do. I think having access to more kinds of grenades at once, while also being able to change them in the fly will open more opportunities in combat.


Armor on gear will roll up to 225,000, instead of 170,000.

Armor per second on gear will be percentage based, rolling from 0.2% to 1%.

All Health/Armor on kill will be percentage based.

Remove the Health increase stat from gear.

Remove all separate status resistance gear mods and add a Hazard Protection mod that covers all of them.


Balance tank builds with other builds. Tank builds feel very weak. Proportionally, you gain much less armor in a tank build than you do damage in a damage build. With these changes, I hope to make that gap smaller.

Allow tanks to rely less on shield. Even on medium difficulties, tank builds are often restricted to their shield due to NPC damage and agent sustainability. With these changes I want to allow for decent tank builds that don't rely on shields.

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SHD Levels

Each SHD level will increase health by 50 points.

Each boost will give 50% more to make each level more noticeable. (0.2% to 0.3% and 0.4% to 0.6%, ending with 15% and 30% boosts)

Make Health a 0.6% per level stat, instead of 0.3%.

Every 250 levels you will gain a gear mod slot, up to 3 slots.


Improve Health. Health is much lower than armor. By making it a stat that has a larger bonus and increasing the per level boost, it will become a stat that can be relied in a bit more if your armor is broken.

Make SHD levels matter more. The boosts you gain from individual level and even small groups of levels is low. With these changes hopefully each level will matter more and will make more of a difference once you reach the max level, to the point where your agent is more noticeably powerful.


Lasers and Grips will be separate slots.

Add an Extended Mag attachment for all shotguns.

Versions of reflex sights that have magnifiers, which will provide additional 3rd person zoom when used.

Versions of high magnification optics (6x+) with canted red dots. These will have reduced buffs, but be able to toggle between 3rd and 1st person aiming like the ACOG.

Version of the PEQ-15 that has the stat buffs and a flashlight. The flashlight could be toggled by holding the aim toggle button for 1 second while aiming. It would be more narrow but have a longer range than the pistol light.

Mount lasers like the PEQ-15 on top when possible.


Allow for more changes. In a game like The Division, being able to change and spec into certain stats is one of the main aspects. However, the gunsmith is somewhat limited in options. Between the separation of lasers and grips, and additional optic with new functionality, I hope there will be additional ways to form your weapon.


Add a side mission that will have us tracking a hunter, and end up fighting him and taking his hatchet.

The hatchet will replace all melee attacks, except when using a shield. It will deal 750,000 damage. The range will be extended, and hits will have much more stagger. The hatchet will be seen on our backpacks.


Balance agent melee with NPC melee. The melee attacks from NPCs are devastatingly powerful. They can rip through tank builds and stagger you for a long time. Our melee attacks do almost no damage and all most never stagger. With the hatchet, I hope that melee will be an additional option in situations where a reload or retreating isn't an option.

Gear Talents

All gear besides exotics, body armor, and backpacks will roll with one stat boosting talent. These can include:

+10% Armor

+1% Armor Regen

+10% Hazard Protection

+10% Explosive Resistance

+20% Ammo Capacity

+5% Damage

+10% Headshot Damage

+20% Optimal Range

+5% Critical Chance

+10% Critical Damage

+20% Explosive Damage

+10% Weapon Handling

+5% Skill Damage/Healing

+10% Skill Haste

+10% Skill Health


Additional customization. Simply put, these talmts rolling on gear that dont already have talents will add to both power and customization. These will allow for specialization into an area and better hybrid builds.

New Weapons

Assault Rifle

MCX Spear: 20+1 Round Mag. 700 RPM. More accuracy and stability; less damage and range than the FAL.


M590A1: 8+1 Round mag. 65 RPM. More range and accuracy; less damage than the M870.

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Light Machine Gun

MG3: 100 Round Mag. 1000 RPM. Less damage and accuracy; higher RPM and ammo than the MG5.


M16A4: M16A2 variant with a grip slot and a quicker time between bursts, with less range and accuracy.

SR-25: 20+1 Round Mag. 250 RPM. More damage and stability; less RPM than the Sig 716.

Sniper Rifle

Steyr SSG M1 (.338 Version): 7+1 Round Mag. 35 RPM. Higher damage and accuracy; lower stability and RPM than the M44.


FN Five-seven: 20+1 Round Mag. 500 RPM. More stability and ammo; less damage than the X-45 Tactical.

*PP2000:? 20+1 Round Mag. 675 RPM. Automatic. Decent stability, with low accuracy and damage. All attachment slots available.


Fill weapon gaps. Other than the obvious addition of more weapons to choose from, I think most of these will fill a gap in certain categories of weapon, particularly the PP2000 as an automatic sidearm and the MG3 as an extremely fast firing LMG.

New Exotic: LWMMG

500 RPM.

150 Capacity.

6 Second Reload.

High damage. (A bit higher than the M60)

Very low Stability and Accuracy while not in cover.

Very stable while in cover.

Good range. (About 45 meters)

Equipped with a tripod and Trijicon MG Optic that can toggle between 3rd and 1st person aiming, like the ACOG can.


1). Mounting Tripod: Gain +60% Stability and Accuracy while in cover.

2). Enhanced Muzzle Break: Enemies suppressed by this gun will remain suppressed 50% longer and take +15% damage. While firing, enemies are 40% more likely to target you.

3). Ironclad Offense: Gain +5% damage for every Core Armor Attribute and +2% for every Minor Armor Attribute. Max of +40% damage. Requires at least 4 core armor attributes.


Heavy Gunner Role. We lack a gun that can allow players to play the role of a heavy machine gunner. The only thing close is the Bullet King, and that is a bit more of a utility weapon. The LWMMG would be a great way to add a machine gun with less utility and more power.

Tank Weapon. There are no weapons that help tank builds deal damage. On paper, that makes perfect sense and sounds dumb to even say. They are meant to take damage and/or draw fire. However, I think having one exotic dedicated to being a dedicated tank weapon, allowing tanks to deal extra damage and draw more fire would allow tank builds with an opportunity to be more of a threat to the enemy, and allow for a very unique style of tank play style.


Each spec will have additional perks based on the general play style of it.


Destroying a weak point or damaging someone with an environmental item (explosive canisters and such) will add explosive ammo to your current weapon. 20 second cooldown.

Any enemy killed by one of your explosives will explode, dealing 100% concussion grenade damage within 4 meters. 60 second cooldown.

+15% Explosive Resistance.


Landing a headshot with a rifle or marksman rifle will blind and mark that enemy. 60 second cooldown. Getting a headshot kill with a rifle or marksman rifle will decrease the cooldown by 20 seconds.

Weak point hits from marksman rifles will mark and stagger the enemy. Destroying weak points with a marksman rifle will make the next shot deal 30% more damage and inflict bleed.

+25% Optimal Range.


Healing an ally grants you +5% armor regen for 4 seconds and removes negative status effects. 45 second cooldown.

Each enemy under a status effect adds +5% outgoing healing. Stacks up to 5 times.

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+15% Hazard Resistance.


Staying in cover adds 1% handling and 0.2% armor regen each second. Stacks up to 15 times. Cover to cover moves will preserve half of the stacks.

Every 3 seconds of sustained firing adds 10% bonus armor for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 4 times. Stacks do not begin to drain until the trigger is released.

+25% Ammo Capacity.


On armor break, shock all enemies within 6 meters.

Hitting an enemy weak point will disrupt the target. 30 second cooldown.

+25% Disrupt Resistance.

Fire Wall

Killing an enemy that was on fire will grant +10% damage for 10 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

Killing an enemy 7 meters or less away will add

+25% Burn Resistance.


Make each specialization feel more unique. Each one as it stands have things that sperate them. However, they are often not very distinct or a defining factor in the spec. I think these added talents would make each spec feel more unique and allow players to have new abilities in combat.

So what do you think of these suggestions? I think all of them would be good additions, but I'd like to hear other's feedback. Is there something you like/dislike in particular? Is there one thing you would change? Or do you not like any of these? If that is the case, I'm curious to hear why.


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