Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Summit – Floor100 – holy difficulty gap

I am quite new to the game with my friend and we spent the last few evenings advancing through the summit. Started at challenging but quickly upped to heroic because it was a bit more fun to have bigger risks and not just mow down everything

We advanced ~30floors every evening playing 2-3hours and felt quite strong (honestly we were surprised we were doing heroic content that fast, with it being our first week at max lvl). I am playing a skillbuild with strikerdrone/auto-turret capacitator, 3empress, 1wyvern, 2hana-U with a forc-Multiplyer. Decent rolls on most of them, no god roll items, but id say around 80%-rolls on average with a few single maxrolls. My friend is playing a redbuild with a bit of blue mixed in with a memento and a shield. His gear looked decent, many max rolls, critchance capped, but still (ofcourse lots of improvements available).

Then the bossfight just obliterated us. Absolutely no chance. We tried 4or5times and couldn't even get close to killing a single one of them. My turret/drone was kind of useless, disrupt at start and if setup before it would get hacked and used against us. Absolutely no chance. Even camping the front room, they eventually pushed up and killed us. We looked at a few vids and i switched to shock-traps and we eventually managed to BARELY finish after going back to challenging (also onyl once we got a good combination of the hunter skills…when they used the poisoncloud? drone for example we had no chance). Heroic we were completely missing the DPS to kill them before they heal, even when we had one isolated and were both firing at him.

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Is there something we are missing about the fight? Are skillbuilds just not very good for the fight?

The difficulty jump seemed almost ABSURD, considering we didn't have huge issues in the floors before (we died sometimes, but always because we started joking around and lost attention). We never were in a situation like that, where we were just unsure what was even happening, and what we could do to improve. I in particular felt a bit useless in the fight.

Don't get me wrong, we loved that there is a real challenge and the road to legendary will be tons and tons of farming ahead…but we were also a bit appaled of the difficulty jump between 99floors before and then floor100.


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