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TD1 – Global Event Onslaught

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Onslaught is unique in the Global Event landscape. It is, in essence, a big rock–paper–scissors game, where the NPCs have a buff, you have a buff and you have to find the right counter.


Global Events

When you have general questions, how Global Events work, check out the summary in the wiki: link






  • Onslaught (Global Modifier)
    • Always active; Deal Burn, Bleed, and Gas effects to enemies in addition to normal damage. Reload to change the effect.
  • Savage Onslaught
    • Onslaught behavior, enemies are vulnerable to one effect type and resistant to others. Agents take increased damage from resistant enemies.
  • Brutal Onslaught (Group Modifier)
    • Savage Onslaught behavior, plus when two or more group members kill a vulnerable enemy within two seconds, each member can reload to gain a damage bonus for a single clip.


Active Elemental Effect

With the Global Modifier, you always have one of three elemental effects active. You can have Burn, Bleed and Gas and depending on what is active, you do a different kind of elemental damage. You can switch the elemental effect by reloading your weapon. The Elemental Effects are weapon specific, so you can have different effects on each weapon.


Elemental Effect Rotation

When you reload your weapon, the elemental effects rotate always in the same order: Burn, Bleed, and Gas. Keep that in mind when you reload and when you have react to multiple enemies. Also keep different effects on both weapons, so that you can push the NPCs back.


NPC Buff/Debuff

When the second an third modifiers are active, each NPC is vulnerable to a specific set of Elemental Damage and resistant against others. When they are resistant, the icon is greyed out, you will do a lot less damage and they do a lot more damage to you. When the NPCs are vulnerable, the icons are colored out and you can tear them down fast – even on legendary difficulty.

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The trick is, you have to match the elemental effect on your agent, to the icon above the NPC – only, in this case, you do enough damage to tear them down before they kill you.


Brutal Onslaught – damage bonus AKA "Smart Ammo"

When two or more group members kill a vulnerable enemy within two seconds, each member can reload to gain a damage bonus for a single clip. That bonus is represented by a skull that appears next to your weapon. The bonus is weapon specific and will disappear as soon as you reload that weapon or the magazine is empty. As long as the bonus is active, you can do damage against any NPC and you are not limited to one element.



  • Warren Gate Power Plant
  • Police Academy
  • Broadway Emporium
  • Russian Consulate
  • Stolen Signal


Commendations / Rewards

Every Global Event has its own Commendations that are tied to patches and masks that you can earn by completing these achievements. Read the list of Commendations here:

=> Commendations



Reward Commendation
Oni Mask Full House – Burn 200, Bleed 200, and Gas 200 enemies during the Onslaught event.
Ember Mask Kill Count – Kill 5 enemies in a row with the effect they are vulnerable to.
Smiler Mask Never Enough – Complete all Events in the Onslaught Playlist (Except Stolen Signal)


Reward Commendation
Bullseye Patch Light 'em Up – Burn 5 enemies with a single clip.
Falcon Patch Smarty Pants – Shoot 150 enemies with Smart Ammo.
Blast Off Patch Your Weakness is My Sweetness – Kill 100 enemies using the ammo they are vulnerable to.
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Classified Gear Sets

  • Classified FireCrest
  • Classified LoneStar
  • Classified Predator's Mark
  • Classified Reclaimer


You can recognize Classified Gear Sets by the folder next to the icon.

You can only get these Classified Gear Sets from the Global Event caches. But all the other classified can still drop from the regular loot locations.

You can read here how Classified Gear Sets work: Link

Global Event Caches

You can earn Global Event Tokens by doing the missions and other activities and then you can buy Global Event Caches from the vendor in the Global Event area of the Terminal. When you just want Classified Items, then it is recommended to buy the Superior Caches.

=> Details and dropchances.

Token Rewards


  • Last Stand caches give you 85 GE Tokens each
  • Survival caches give you 170 GE Tokens each

    (only the Caches that you get during the Global Event will contain Tokens)


Missions – Global Event Bonus

  • Normal +50 GE Tokens
  • Hard + 75 GE Tokens
  • Challenging + 125 GE Tokens
  • Legendary + 175 GE Tokens


Incursions – Global Event Bonus

  • Challenging + 125 GE
  • Heroic + 175 GE


Mission Rewards

  • Normal Missions
    • 150 GE Tokens
    • 200 GE Tokens – with Global Event Bonus
  • Hard Missions
    • 225 GE Tokens
    • 300 GE Tokens – with Global Event Bonus
  • Challenging Missions
    • 750 GE Tokens
    • 875 GE Tokens – with Global Event Bonus
  • Legendary Missions
    • 1575 GE Tokens
    • 1750 GE Tokens – with Global Event Bonus
  • Challenging Incursions
    • 650 GE Tokens
    • 775 GE Tokens – with Global Event Bonus
  • Heroic Incursions
    • 900 GE Tokens
    • 1075 GE Tokens – with Global Event Bonus


Mission/Incursion named bosses

  • Normal: 17 GE Tokens
  • Hard: 25 GE Tokens
  • Challenging: 38 GE Tokens
  • Legendary: 58 GE Tokens
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DZ and Open World Bosses

  • 150 GE Tokens



For the weeklies:

  • 23 intel = 400 GEC
  • 25 intel = 650 GEC
  • 29/35 intel = 550 GEC
  • 37/45 intel = 750 GEC

For the dailies:

  • 5 intel = 100 GEC
  • 10 intel = 175 GEC
  • 15/19 intel = 225 GEC

Credit per Hour

=> what is most rewarding

Claim Rewards

Once the Event is over, you will a notification on what Tier you have finished. You might need to relog to get the notification. Once that happens, go to the Reward Claim Vendor in the Base of Operations – the reward is usually in the resource tab.


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