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Tech Shield Build Advice Request

Content of the article: "Tech Shield Build Advice Request"

Sorry in advance if this has been covered but I wasn't able to find all the answers I was looking for through a search so figured I'd give this approach a try.

Long story short, the group I play with regularly has been experimenting with shield builds since we got our hands on the Scorpio and Ridgeway pieces. I haven't had much luck with that type of build but with how the Capacitor works, was thinking more and more about a tech based shield build.

This is a very different tech build than I'm used to using so I'm looking for some advice on whether certain aspects of the build I've put together aren't helping the way I'm hoping they are (ie: Incoming Repair).

I've tried to include everything in the images attached but if any other info is needed, more than happy to supply that.

Any help/thoughts/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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