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Tested Everything This is The Results PTS TU 11 Phase 1

Content of the article: "Tested Everything This is The Results PTS TU 11 Phase 1"

I spent about 6-7 Hours testing different builds and synergys so I hope This feedback helps.

First Bugs:

The New SMG:

  • Building Stacks of dead Bodies Allowing max stacks to be up at all times, this is also an issue with Striker.

Memento BackPack:

  • The Long Term Trophy Does not come back, This can be reproduced just by using the backpack it happens 100% of the time. Granted this
    does appear to possibly be a visual.

The Shrapnel Trap:

  • The Spread of area is to small, allowing more traps to be neck and neck, which can also 1 Shot a player in pvp.

The New Pistol Skill Tier ( Don't know if bug or is intended)

  • The skill tier is only active when Pistol is in hand, This would be more viable and helpful if you get the skill tier for just have the pistol in general. This would be health to allow hybrid builds to exist.

Ridgeway Chestpiece:

  • Don't know if it's reduced in pvp yet, but bleeding 5 people does not give 25% armor Regen.

Foundry GearSet:

  • Still the bug needing to unequip and re-equip a piece for the 4 piece to proc. properly.


The Summit Tower:

  • Allow players to Buy Random rolled access to targeted loot in the summit.
    For Example, I get hana-U in the Hub area I can buy a Random rolled targeted loot for the tower, for liike 1,000,000 Credits.
    I would Like to be able to reroll the tower as many times as I wanted as long as I had the credits, This would allow me to play the tower non stop.

  • Gives the ability to collect keys to open a giant chest at the end, like every 20 floors is a giant chest With like 10 – 20 decent items, or like 10 godrollish items,
    or 5 named items/Exotics.

  • Rooms to big for the small amount of enemies, Bring more enemies types, more "Hunter and Rouge" encounters, Different modifies, bring back some aspects
    of the underground and resistance.

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The Grey Zone: (as Suggest by u/altanglefilms)

Massive should get rid of one of the Dark Zones. Hear me out. I nominate DZ East.

First, replace DZ East with a new zone – The Grey Zone. Wait. I’ll get onto that later.

Now, double the size of DZ West. Just enough so that the map extends to the actual area in Washington DC where the Exorcist stairs are located. New big fat DZ. That will keep the DZ and Division 1 fans happy. Well, it won’t but you can only try.

Now, the Grey Zone.

This is a PVE area. No trolls. No toxicity. But all the same DZ loot. Same landmarks but extractions will be big epic battles. Rogue Agents (AI). Bosses. Legendary-style enemies. You’ll need to team up with strangers to get your loot out. But you’ll only have to fight the AI not a pack of rabid 13-year olds screaming racist obscenities over chat while spraying riot *** in your face.

If you want to gank or be ganked you still have the regular double-sized DZ West or DZ South. PvP players lose nothing. PvE players get a lighter shade of DZ to play in. Everybody’s happy – well, you know what I mean.…ess_dark_zone/


  • Still needs a nerf, going to compete with the new smg, but This is still better because you build so much damage just for moving.


  • It's being good at doing "Half" the job of both an Ar and Rifle.

  • The Rifle end needs a rate of fire Increase, The ar Side needs a ammo/Damage increase.

  • The CHD Needs to be changed to Damage to armor or Damage to Target out of cover

  • The Mods need to be changed, Only good thing is headshot damage.

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  • Need a Way to remove the Debuff in pvp, basically a death sentence from an all red Pesti Build


  • Faster Fire Rate


  • Allow players to stay scoped and not auto fire the gun if held to long


  • Revert the Explosion Dealing 1200, or atleast 900-1000 Which will again make this viable.

  • Only other option is to change the use of this gun completely to help skill user with cool downs/damage/cc


  • Needs a Damage Buff.

Artillery Turrent:

  • Shoots way to fast in pvp, if you get remotely close to this it can instant shoot on you.

Skill Efficiency:

  • To compete with brandsets, This has to be able to roll between 10-20% or It will be useless with a max of 5-8 % bonus.


  • (My Opinion) Crafting is still horrible and needs to get buffed
    Crafting certain items should give you the chance of crafting the named variet.
    Example, If I craft Ceska Backpacks, give it a Chance to craft the Devils due randomly.
    This would get people crafting more and getting the named items they seek.

Darkzone Drop Table:

  • Heroic Land marks should give "Heroic" Loot, things shouldn't be scaled to challenging Loot.

  • Make the enemies Slightly harder, and more rewarding,

  • Darkzone Exclusive items have to low of a drop chance,
    Example, You will Almost Never see a piece of system corrupted even on targeted loot gearsets.
    Also, System corrupted (or the components for it) should be moved to open world with the Hunter-Killer Chest Piece

GearSets Base Materials:

  • Beat the raids multiple times, did the crafting missions, have the chest and backpack

  • Why is there a Limit on base material per week? I am Playing the raid non stop which I should be rewarded for

  • Why can't the chest and backpack be open world After I finished the crafting missions? or have unlimited base materials

System Corruption:

  • Move to Open World or Allow materials to drop open world/DZ or Increase Drop rate in DZ

  • Increase the 20% armor to about 50 %,
    Example, if you have 2,000,000 armor, thats only 400k? thats useless in the Darkzone thats
    less than an all reds builds dps, and also this is only for "5" Seconds.

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  • Can this have a secondary Perk like the Liberty
    Like a Set Status effect of 10 seconds or something? A Pulse?

  • This going to be open world After Receiving it?

The Pistol Nerf:

  • Needs to be Reverted, The only issue was the Damage from Regulus, Liberty, and The D50 since they had a base damage of 221k – 282k.
    Not all Pistols. Also the nerf Was too aggressive, it killed pistol builds as whole.

Named Items:

  • Named Items as a whole need to fixed around
    Mainly, Emperors Guard, Claws Out, Firm Handshake

  • They're Attached to Brandsets that have 0 purpose to the named item variant.


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