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The best way to address rainbow loot

Content of the article: "The best way to address rainbow loot"

Hey everyone, I have made a suggestion on the forums regarding a way to fix the rainbow loot. I really feel like this addresses everything.

Here is what I wrote:

Every gear will have a maximum of two colours, no matter the number of attributes. This way you can have all attributes as the same colour after recalibrating. Or you can have a mix (hybrid).

For example: First Case: If you get a pair of Grupo Sombra gloves which comes rolled in with Weapon Damage as core, and it has a red as it’s first sub-attribute and a yellow as it’s second sub-attribute. You can reccaliberate the yellow to be red and make the gear all red. Second case: If the same pair of gloves comes in with weapon damage as core(red), as is obvious, and the first and the second sub-attributes are yellows (still only a maximum of two colours on the gear), you could reccaliberate the weapon damage core attribute to be a skill tier and then utilise the grupo sombra gloves as an all yellow skill gear (could be used for the explosive damage).

This way you can make your Grupos and your Golan’s as all yellow. This way you can make your Gilas as one armour and two reds. This way you can make your Provs and Walkers as all reds. This way you can change the entire profile of a build and change their core as well as their sub-attributes. The possibilities are endless and the rainbow loot problem will be more or less solved.

The idea behind it all is that every gear will have a maximum of two colours. Could be one, but never more than two. Hybrids and All same colour gear builds will now be a possibility and this also addresses the problem of balancing rainbow loot without affecting the hybrid builds.

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If you agree with my suggestion and want the developers to take notice of it, please do interact with the suggestion thread below and feel free to leave any comments there.

The suggestion thread that I have made on the Ubisoft Forums-Forums)

Thank you so much.


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