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The Division 1 Gear Sets revisited for The Division 2 – Part 1

Content of the article: "The Division 1 Gear Sets revisited for The Division 2 – Part 1"

Sentry’s Call

  • 2pc – +30% Accuracy
  • 3pc – +20% Headshot Damage
  • 4pc – Talent: Stalker
    • Headshots from semi-automatic weapons mark the enemy, amplifying the damage inflicted on the target by 5% (2% for PvP) for a duration of 20 seconds each. A new mark resets the duration. A target can receive up to 6 marks.
  • Chest Talent: Sentry's Judgment
    • At six marks, increase your headshot damage on the target by 50% (20% for PvP).
  • Backpack Talent: Sentry's Voice
    • After 3 marks, headshots on the target have a 25% chance to spread a single mark to additional targets within 10 meters.

Tactician's Authority

  • 2pc – +20% Skill Haste
  • 3pc – +10% Skill Damage / +10% Skill Repair / +10% Status Effects
  • 4pc – Talent: Tactician's Authority
    • Every bullet you hit adds a stack. Each stack increases your Skill Haste by 1% (0.5% for PvP), your Status Effects by 0.5% (0.2% for PvP), your Skill Damage and Repair by 0.5% (0.2% for PvP).
    • At 50 stacks, gain +1 Skill Tier. If already at Skill Tier 6, grants Overcharge for 15 seconds (5 for PvP).
    • Stacks are consumed on skill use.
  • Chest Talent: Tactician's Speed
    • Every bullet you hit adds 2 stacks.
  • Backpack Talent: Tactician's Power
    • At 50 stacks, increase the Skill Tier gain from +1 to +2.
    • The Overcharge duration from Tactician's Authority is doubled.

Path of the Nomad

  • 2pc – +20% Armor on Kill
  • 3pc – +1% Armor/s Regeneration
  • 4pc – Talent: Path of the Nomad
    • When you are not in a group, gain:
      • +5% amplified damage to all targets
      • +5% Total Armor
      • +1 Skill Tier
      • When receiving fatal damage, you are instead healed to full health. Can only occur once every 4 (10 for PvP) minutes.
  • Chest Talent: Nomad's Lucky
    • 50% (25% for PvP) chance to have no cooldown for Path of the Nomad. The chance is lowered by 10% (25% for PvP) each time this happens.
  • Backpack Talent: Nomad's Escape
    • After activating Path of the Nomad’s full heal, gain +10% movement speed and +50% (20% for PvP) Bonus Armor for 10 seconds.
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