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The Division 2 multiple methods of fixing game crashes while streaming.

After some work on trying to get this to work without the game crashing on a fellow streamer (Bert Ferkins awesome streamer go check him out!) while they stream it we finally found a solution that worked in this case. I say this case as the fix might not work for everyone, oddly enough in many cases just one of these fixes worked for some people and not for others. But basically the issue is coming from the Anti-Cheat software, its causing the game to crash when being captured by streaming software. The following fixes I hope works for anyone looking to solve this issue until one day Ubisoft fixes it.

  • 1. This is what worked for us, there's 2 steps to this fix, step one alone worked for some people

Step 1: Use display capture, game capture seems to always crash the game so swap it around. This alone could stop it from crashing so test it after changing this capture type.

NOTE: this can for some reason cause the game to become SUPER bright, to fix this go into the game settings > video > HDR and cycle through the settings till you find the one that works for you.

  • 2. Windows has its own game capture (please note we are using windows 10) we ended up turning off both the Xbox gaming bar and Windows Game Capture. To do this you need to go into your Windows settings and click on Gaming, from there you can disable both in their respective tabs.
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Gaming in Windows Settings.

Where to disable game capture.

Where to disable the game bar.

Once we did all of these the game stopped crashing and was streaming perfectly fine.

Now as mentioned above this might not work for everyone so here are other solutions we tried but didn't work for us, they could however work for you.

  • Anti-Cheat hook disable via obs or streamlabs:

  • Rolling back to a older version of obs studio (only works for obs studio): (Old versions of obs: )

Please not these fixes are all for Windows, I have no idea how to help you on any other platform.

If you have another fix please post it here for people to use and/or message me so I can add it to the post.

I hope this helps while we wait for Ubisoft to fix this problem.


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