Tom Clancy's The Division 2

The Division 2 needs to go free-to-play.

This is a large post so I'll include a TLDR at the bottom.

Lets all be real, this game is dead. Low player counts, lack of content, almost no developer communication, and no roadmap. No matter how much we all love this game it's pretty clear that its been mostly abandoned by Ubisoft.

Going free-to-play would be the best thing for Ubisoft and the player base.

Why? Because money.

Ubisoft determines resource allocation based off the amount of profit that a game generates or will generate. I would bet a kidney that most of the profit they are making is from the season pass and the apparel events, NOT from people buying the game. Why is this a safe bet? Because in the investors call Ubisoft said they want to shift their focus from AAA games to more F2P games. Why not turn TD2 into an F2P game to fit their new focus? F2P games are more profitable and have a larger player base than a lot of AAA games. If TD2 went F2P then Ubisoft would see a massive increase in the amount of players and a lot of them would buy WoNY as well as the season pass at least once. That would generate a massive amount of money from an almost 2 year old game that's dying a slow death. This would be a money printer for Ubisoft and they would have to do very little. They would see massive gains with very little effort.

Destiny 2, one of TD2's main competitors, had absolutely explosive growth when it went F2P. They almost quadrupled their concurrent players OVERNIGHT on steam alone. Their twitch views went 10x in two weeks. When Battlefront 2 became free on the Epic Games store it crashed the servers for DAYS because they couldn't handle the player increase. If TD2 went F2P it would see a massive resurgence in player count and profit.

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Hopefully, Ubisoft would see this growth and want to keep a sustainable player base. How do they do this? More content. The players right now are already starving for more content and are willing to pay for it. There was a popular post about it in this sub just yesterday about how they would pay for a new expansion and almost every single comment agreed. Unfortunately, Ubisoft probably doesn't want to dump a bunch of money into a 2 year old game so they would have to look at the best return for their money. What would that be? Merging TD1 and TD2 content

Porting TD1 content to TD2 and selling it as an expansion to players that don't already own TD1 seems like the most obvious thing to do. Yes, its not as easy as just doing ctrl+c and ctrl+v. There would need to be a lot of systems added like control points, some new voice lines to make the story blend together, and graphical updates. They wouldn't even need to change the snow because everyone wants the snow anyways. It would be a lot of work but it would most likely cost less to develop than a completely new content expansion with new models/animations, writing for all of the story missions, new gameplay mechanics, and a new open world area. Not only would this unify the player base, it would bring a massive part of NY with more Legendary missions and excursions, OG darkzone, more conflict maps and game modes, add tons of new loot with all exotics and gearsets, another procedurally generated PvE gamemode (underground), and it would add survival which, in my opinion, is the best content update to ever come to The Division. Again, for Ubisoft they would see massive gains for very little effort and the player base WANTS this to happen. It would print money.

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This could possibly turn The Division into the #1 looter-shooter on the market and all of the content is already made, it just needs to be ported.

I want new content just as much as everyone else here but that's (unfortunately) unrealistic because of how few people still play this game. If the game went F2P and had the two purchasable expansions of WoNY and TD1 it would see exponential growth in the player count and profit it generates for Ubisoft. This revitalization of the game could possibly push Ubisoft to invest in more large content updates to help keep the game going.

TLDR: Division 2 should go free-to-play and make Division 1 into a purchasable expansion. Many new players would come and spend lots of money on expansions and the season pass. Ubisoft would possibly invest in all new expansions to fit the new F2P model they are already shifting towards as a company. Ubisoft makes a shitload of money, players get more content, everyone is happy.


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