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The Division 3 pitch meeting

What would you like to see in a sequel?

The core concept of the division 1 and 2 are basically identical. As it is an RPG gear with increasingly higher stats drop as you level up.

I have no problem with this and really enjoy both games but I would love to see a continuation of the series with the rpg gameplay elements considerably toned down and turned into a more realistic approach. here is my wishlist for The Division 3:

  1. Enemies can only drop what they're actually carrying and spawn with a randomized loadout depending on their faction.
  2. Gear talents and bonuses are tactical based on realistic logic rather than just stat increases. For example gear would have bonuses on things like, weapon handling, swap speed, cold protection, vaulting, armour type, carrying capacity, or door breaching etc as they logically would in real life but balanced to make it worth while in the game. same with backpacks and chestrigs etc.
  3. Weapon bonuses are tactical based on realistic logic rather than arbitrary numbers. For example: A high end 9mm hand gun does no more damage than a common version of the same gun. The improvements in rare gear instead relate to usability and tactics. stuff like, accuracy, stability, reliability, ADS time, weight.
  4. more weapon modding and freedom to add whatever you want as long as there is space on the rail or available mounts including lanyards and straps to carry the weapon.
  5. Gear crafting would be reworked into gear repurposing. collecting damaged weapons and gear would let you disassemble them into their components, discard the parts that are beyond repair, and recombine them into working weapons and gear of their corresponding type, meaning you cant combine m4 parts with SCAR parts. disassembling a crafted weapon lowers the condition of each part. Improving the overall condition of a weapon costs resources like CNC steel, CNC cutters, welding MIG wire.
  6. Improving the condition of gear and weapons takes time depending on the quality of the components. Higher quality takes longer time wich increases the players attachment to the finished product and creates the sense of investment and something to look forward to.
  7. Individual crafting parts have their own stats like:
    -Quality (low grade, standard, sport, Milspec, masterwork)
    -Condition (broken, damaged, worn, fair, good, pristine)
  8. weapon damage is a result of the targets ammo type, barrel length and targets type and resilience, i.e armor type, weakpoint, robot/human, etc. instead of just an arbitrary damage stat.
  9. Ammo carry limit based on weight. Ammo more scarce making full auto weapons like lmgs more situational and semi auto rifles the go to all round weapon.
  10. Weapons periodically jam depending on their quality and condition
  11. Larger focus on scavenging survival and exploration. This would make sense since a complete shutdown of industrial systems would decrease the abundance of resources and intensifying the demand for hard to reproduce wares such as high tech electronics and components. By the third game, a government might be reorganized but the country if not the world would at large be a lawless frontier.
  12. More randomized elements in end game activities. Increases replayability if certain activities have randomized environments, enemies, and rewards.
  13. upgradeable stashsize. from Crate to container to warehouse.
  14. Knockdown mechanic. Getting hit with a shotgun slug at close range, an explosive or a large calibler like .50 BMG or bigger has a chance to knock the player to the ground. When grounded, players are affected by statuseffect "knockdown", only the sidearm can be used and crawling is the only movement. When under the "knockdown" status effect, players can get back up over 5 seconds. Team mates can lift you up over 1 second.
  15. Players level up 100 times and earh a stat point for each level similar to the current shade watch. Points get put into the player characters attributes. either:
    -Speed (how fast you run)
    -Stamina (how far you run before getting winded)
    -Strength (how much you can carry, also affects stability and handling)
    -Agility (how fast you change positions, breach doors, vault over objects, get in and out of cover)
    -Dexterity (Handling, reload speed, weapon switch speed, skill deploy speed
    -Constitution (Health and incoming healing)
    -Nerve (resistance to status effects like suppressed, dazed, blinded, knockdown)
    This increases the relevance of having multiple characters for other things than just farming or extra inventory space.
  16. consumables with temporary buffs to the characters stats.
  17. Different enemy types requires different tactics, weapons, equipments and specialized approches for effective takedowns. The better your gear, the higher the chance of success against smarter and better equipped enemies. This way players are encouraged to gradually venture into more and more dangerous areas for better loot as their own loadout improves.
  18. Difficulty scales by changing the number of enemies, their AI, and equipmment. Low level enemies dont take as much cover, come straight at you, have simple weapons and gear. High level enemies use skills, take cover, flank, provide their allies with covering fire.
  19. Gadgets (skills) require battery packsthat the agent carries. Battery packs vary in capacity, recharge time, duration and power. Carrying multiple packs compound their attributes and affect skills accordingly. Batterypacks are heavy and bulky. The more you carry the more use you will get out of your division tech but you will be limited to lighter weapons gear and amount of ammo
  20. VR. The division both the first game and two have stunning visuals and some of the most engaging game environments I have ever seen. I would love for there to be a 1st person VR mode. I think it would work great with the general gameplay mechanics of the division.
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Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

TL;DR. make the game look and feel like the division but work more like "Escape from Tarkov"


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