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The fear of power creep and Solo players criticisms of raids really neutered Iron Horse potential rewards.

Content of the article: "The fear of power creep and Solo players criticisms of raids really neutered Iron Horse potential rewards."

My clan before IH was a full 50/50 a lot of us running DH just because it was fun and helping people getting their EB. We were running newbies through and teaching them the mechanics. People were actually excited to try the very few jobs other than DPS. Running 2 or 3 a night was just a common night other than having players living in PvP. If my clan didn't also PvP it would probably be on life support. And finally I preface this entire post by saying this isn't against all solo player criticisms but more to the solos who hopped into the DH and IH reveal streams and gave the typical "No matchmaking? Oof no thanks" and carried that same mentality through this games life.

To hear the excitement of someone getting their first EB was super awesome and those players would actually stay around to help teach the newbies that they themselves were just a few weeks back. People could finally use their builds to their full potential. No more scoffing at a build video saying, "Cool, another EB build /s ". They now had the most powerful AR in their hands after putting in the time and effort to find a group and a group nonetheless that would not only get them through the raid but to also teach them all of the mechanics so they knew what was going on and pass the knowledge to the newbies.

Many criticisms, discussions, and nerfs to the EB and we had a bunch of people just all around quit going after the gun. People messaged me saying "Hey I'm not a collector and just wanted the gun because it kicked ass but now its not worth the grind, thanks for teaching me.." blah blah blah all of it pretty much the same. Gun bad grind bad, thanks. I couldn't even be mad. You wanted the gun at its peak and its no longer king, you could farm a gold AR that could do a better job of DPS.

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After the outcries died out whether it be players leaving the game or just not seeing the grind for the EB being worth it, Massive seems to have looked at the situation and seemed content that the EB was no longer the talk of the town and that they finally nailed the balance of it. Now I say this only because of how the rewards are structured in IH.

My first taste of something fishy with the rewards came after I finished the quest for the Regulus. After completing the quest I was given ALL of the blueprints for the raid specific gear sets. I thought it was kind of weird seeing how I didn't see the potential benefit of giving me all the BPs at once and already removing one grind from the raid checklist. Second, although it was a quest item, I couldn't quite understand the underwhelming reward of a head shot kill pistol as this weapon is really only viable on PC, a gripe already made by multiple redditors on Massive's intent for the game to be truly enjoyed on PC while the majority of their player base resides on console. The EB prenerf gave you extra damage, reload speed, and survivability along with giving you increased accuracy the longer you fired and bonus armor for firing your other primary as a holstered talent, so basically the pros outweighed the cons for the console players.

Finally, in conjunction with some players upset that the first raid was a giant DPS check (valid criticism at least in my eyes) they made IH a giant coordination check on top of a large DPS check lurking in the shadows of some encounters ( Williams can suck the hairiest part of my a**). When players finally pop that chest and see the Ravenous its almost reminiscent of getting the EB. I say this because most players soon realize that not only is the talent a damn cousin of the merciless, its only real place it shines is as the interrupter for the Morozova fight. I can't tell you how many missions I have matchmade into or provided backup for and not seen a single ravenous. I've tried to hint that I would use the Ravenous in some Legendary groups I've been in just to gauge the reaction and it's almost always a resounding "No" with some chuckling sprinkled in here and there.

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Lets get this one on the record, it's almost non-existent in PvP. An OPEN WORLD SMG is DOMINATING an entire Meta with little to no room for a Ravy build to get its toes wet. Glass Cannon with EB hits like a truck and versatile enough to get you out of most situations with a big caveat being it has to be played correctly and hopefully a brisk wind doesn't blow by. Hell, I still see the occasional M1A (and CQB) GC.

I honestly believe that the vocal minority scared the Devs into the idea that raid rewards shouldn't be powerful or have any sort of grind. It would explain why that this same amount of time after the first raid and there was still a want to interact with raid carry streams and an incentive for the streamers too as it was easy views. Some clans have just gone straight belly up because of this raid. I recruited 10 new people this month to fill the spots of the collectors that got the gun and quit and every single one of them told me their clan had no desire to run the new raid and that's why they left.

This may just be a rant or a plea for powerful gear but I'm also curious what you guys think.

TLDR: Massive seems to have overswung as per usual in response to feedback about raids.


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