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The healer build I run on legendary and RAID

Content of the article: "The healer build I run on legendary and RAID"

The healer was one of the first builds I’ve to focus on to help my group to run the legendary.

A healer is a very important build specially for legendary and RAID. I have the impression that most people don't like to run Healer but I really like it. I like to be the guy responsible to make everyone alive while they clean up everything.

Now, every day a run at least once the legendary of the week with random people (matchmake) to help them on it.

This is the build I run. It (of course) is not perfect and (like everything) can always be improved but It works pretty well for me.

Let me know your thoughts



  • 15% Increased Outgoing Healing
  • While in cover, gain 10% skill haste
  • 10% Increased Protection from Elite


I see most of the people doing Healer build puts everything on repair skills. I prefer to focus on skill haste and have the cooldown as fast as I can to recharge the Chem Launcher and get the Repair skills from the safeguard backpack talent.

4 pieces of the future initiative

  • +30% Repair Skills
  • +15% Skill Haste
  • +30% Skill Duration
  • Talent:
    • Ground Control: Increases you and your allies' total weapon and skill damage by 15% when at full armor
    • When you repair an ally, you and all allies within 5m of you are also repaired of 60% of that amount
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Mask (future initiative)

  • +12% Skill Haste (Attribute)
  • +12% Skill Haste (Mod)

Mask Future Initiative

Body Armor (future initiative)

  • +12% Skill Haste (Attribute)
  • +12% Skill Haste (Mod)
  • Talent:
    • Tactical Superiority: Increases Ground control damage bonus from +15% to +25%

If you don't have a future initiative body armor (which is RAID drop only), I recommend you to get for a Hana-U with Skill haste and Repair skill attributes, skill haste on the mod and Empathic Resolve talent (Repairing an ally increases their total weapon and skill damage by 3-15% for 20s. 1-7% if self. Effectiveness increased by your skill tier) to get more +10% of Skill Haste from the brand

Body Armor Future Initiative

Holster (future initiative)

  • +12% Skill Haste (Attribute)

Holster Future Initiative

Kneepad (future initiative)

  • +12% Skill Haste (Attribute)

Kneepad Future Initiative

Backpack (Alps Summit Armament)

  • +20% Repair Skills (Brand set)
  • +12% Skill Haste (Attribute)
  • +20% Repair Skills (Attribute)
  • +12% Skill Haste (Mod)
  • Talent:
    • Safeguard: While at full armor, increases total skill repair by 100%

I have the future initiative backpack but the talent (Increase Ground Control proximity repair from 60% to 120%) does not add too much value to me, so I prefer to have Alps Summit Armament with safeguard which helps me increasing my repair skill to allow me to focus my gears on skill haste.

Backpack Alps Summit Armament

Glove (BTSU Dataglove – Exotic)

  • +12% Skill Haste
  • +20% Repair Skills
  • Talent:
    • Grants +15% Hive skill haste per skill tier.
    • Detonating a Hive refreshes your skill cooldown and grants overcharge for 15s. If at Skill Tier 6, this effect also applies to all allies.
    • Allies receiving this effects are unable to benefit from it again for 120s.
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Glove BTSU Datagloves

This is a very important piece to help you to have your hive back really fast when overcharge, also to help your allies to have them revive hive instantly back and also increase the skill damage (overcharging) your allies skills.

Restorer Hive cooldown overcharged


  • 10% Skill Repair
  • 20% Skill Duration
  • 10% Skill Haste

Try to increase your Skill Haste first to decrease your cooldown, it will be useful for all your skill builds


Hive (Restorer)

I try to have this always active in a way that heals the whole group all the time only to fast repair small damages, it helps me to have the groups with 100% of armor all the time without I need to use the Chem Launcher which has a large cooldown


  • +4.6% Duration
  • +4.5% Healing
  • +5.0% Range

The most important mod for the Hive IMO is the radius to help me to cover people on a big area

Restorer Hive

Chem Launcher (Reinforcer)

Used to repair big damage. I have this pointing all the time to the group waiting to repair anyone. One shot of this usually repairs 100% of armor (including tanks which have big armor). When it’s full, I shoot it on the floor close to the group from time to time to it automatically repair the group when losing armor


  • +1 Ammo
  • +7.1% Heal

I’m always thinking if I should replace the +1 Ammo for anything else like xxx but never get a conclusion.

Reinforcer Chem Launcher


For me, it does not matter too much because while running healer I usually don't shoot, but I like to have a shotgun to protect me when someone gets to close and I'm alone also a rifle (Classic M1A) both with Reformation talent (Headshot grant +30% skill repair for 15s).

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Shotgun with Reformation


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