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The joy of the shield (or, I don’t need 6 reds to have fun)

Content of the article: "The joy of the shield (or, I don’t need 6 reds to have fun)"

So a few weeks ago I posted in here asking with help about leveling an alt using something I'd never tried before…a shield. I got some really good help and used it. Well, I'm happy to report that my alt is now level 40, completed the campaign, and happily running around DC currently working on hunting Huntsman, and all I have to say is…why did I never try this before?

This is a stupidly fun way to play compared to my main, who is an LMG main (finally got a Bullet King!) with six reds and a beautiferous mullet. He's pretty good, and with the BK now he really melts stuff, but running around like a moron getting up into people's faces with a shield and a shotgun is turning out to be a lot more "me" than hiding behind cover and doming people with an M1A or hosing them down with the BK.

(Gotta say, the Black Tusk don't know what to do when some dopey-looking agent that looks like Billy Bob Thornton's developmentally-challenged younger brother comes running up to them and domes them with a riot shield…)

Anyhoo. Now I need to take it to the next level, I'm just running around at Normal while getting more experience playing the spec at endgame and fine-tuning it. So any suggestions on what to do would be appreciated. I know I need at least one piece of Badger for the +10% shotgun damage, but other than that I am curious what people think about the red/yellow/blue combinations that would work. I am thinking primarily solo work at the Hard/Challenging level, with the ability to swap a few things around and tank with a Bulwark and a Liberty or similar if somebody needs me to. Here's what I've got currently:

Read:  I could use some advice on my build - thx!


Just started Technician spec, previously maxed-out Firewall spec

771.4k armor, 310.1k health

Weapon 1: Enhanced AUG A3P (SMG), 84k damage, Eyeless, +9% SMG damage, +9.5% CHC, +7.5% accuracy (25.1% CHC, 65.1% CHD)

Weapon 2: Sweet Dreams, 934k damage, Sandman, +14% shotgun damage, +11% damage to armor, +9% damage to target out of cover (5.6% CHC, 60.1% CHD)

Sidearm: Tactical M1911, 135.5k damage, Sadist, +11% pistol damage, +18.5% optimal range

Mask: Alps High Altitude O2 Facer, +1 tier, +10.4% CHD, +9.2% status effects, +6.7% skill duration

Chest: Walker Harris Chainkiller, Perfect Headhunter, recal to +1 skill tier, +10% HSD, +18885 health, +7.5% CHD

Holster: Sokolov Vertical Y, +8.9% WD, +6.1% skill damage, +4.5% explosive resist

Backpack: Walker Harris Matador, +12.4% WD, +9% HSD, +16943 health, +7.1% CHD

Gloves: Richter and Kaiser Srivatsa War Grips, +1 skill tier, +9.7% CHD, +3.8% explosive resist

Knees: Golan Nahar Knees, +77490 armor, +12.2% repair skills, +4.2% explosive resist

Skills: Crusader shield (was using the Firewall spec shield), Fixer drone

That's basically it. Thanks for any suggestions. I'll be easy to find, I'll be the guy getting flanked by a bunch of Hyenas because I ran in too eagerly…

EDIT: Just to say, I'll give up a bit of raw damage in order to have some more staying power and survivability.


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