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The lack of variety in TD2 kills my desire to play more

Content of the article: "The lack of variety in TD2 kills my desire to play more"

What I mean is; at any given time in TD1, especially at the end, decide to do;

  • PvE Missions
  • Pve Raids/Dungeons
  • The Light Zone
  • The Dark Zone
  • Conflict
  • Underground
  • Survival
  • The Horde Mode (Name escapes my mind at this moment)

All Solo, or using MM, with no real problems and still enjoy them.

In TD2, the options are really;

  • PvE Missions
  • Bounties/Classified/CPs
  • Summit (Soon – I'll give Massive this one for free)

And that is about it. Why?

For one there is no Survival, Horde Mode or Light Zone in TD2; though maybe you meant for Bounties/CPs to replace Light Zone from TD1. For the others;

  • PvE Raids/Dungeons

The raids/dungeons in TD2 to either be too hard for randoms, or randoms appear to have gotten significantly dumber since TD1. I haven't seen this much failure in LFR since Spine of Deathwing or Wind 2 of Siege of Ogrimmar in WoW – it just isn't worth the time or frustration, making the raids non-content for someone like me.

  • Dark Zone

The Dark Zone always had flaws, but the Dark Zone design in TD1 combined with it's size meant that it could still be enjoyable and deliver some of the experience the Devs intended. But TD2 didn't fix any of the flaws of the DZ from the first game, added some new ones and then made the DZs too small to be able to dodge and play around many of the issues like you could in the first DZ, making being Solo in the DZ, or at the very least anything other than a complete asshole basically non-viable.

  • Conflict

I don't think this is honestly Massive's fault (though PvP balance IS) so much as how people play games since TD1 was relevant has changed so completely (for the worse I feel) that trying to play Solo in any team PvP game that isn't something like CoD or Halo at this point is horrid. Though I feel like this is an all-developers issue, not just Massive, in that it seems like every dev just decided to say "Putting Teams vs. Teams and PUGs vs. PUGs is too logical and fair; fuck that noise and give those Teams free wins vs. PUGs all day errey day!" all at the same time.

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You're (I'm) basically left with two options any given day I want to log into TD2, and four if I feel like making my depression worse that day. Whereas in TD1 I had SIX options any given day, and up to EIGHT if I was feeling spicy and wanted to attempt the DZ or Conflict.


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