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The Last Man Battalion and you

This might come off as a rant, or a manifesto, but I'm not going to tell you how to interpret it. This is more for all my other LMB brothers and sisters out there who feel misunderstood. To everyone else I'm just trying to help you understand, and maybe join, the LMB. When I first started playing The Division I noticed the LMB right away as my favorite faction, even more so than The Division itself.

The Leader:

Lieutenant Colonel Bliss is a more competent and caring leader than that of Faye, Ferro, or even Barret. He told his men how it was and he told them how to do it, he was transparent all the way through. When he was dealing with something he used his resources, plural, instead of just calling on a single agent like The Division, or heavies like Larae in the Lexington event center. He was able to even get First Wave Division Agents under his command. We all know the General Assembly mission, we all know how he chose to stay and fight with/beside his men instead of leaving, and he should at least be recognized for that.

The Firepower:

As the name of this section states their firepower is far more superior than that of any other faction. If you say that The Division has/had better firepower that would be a lie. If the LMB is able to knock out a single VTOL carrying the highest ranking member/members of The Division with a SAM, and The Division sends in an agent(s) to take him out with small arms fire, while he's in a helicopter, I'm pretty sure The Division classifies as having less firepower. Just look at the standard foot soldier, the LMB have their men equip with M32A1 grenade launchers, M60 machine guns, P416s, SASG-12s, and all come equip with attachments varying from a simple laser to a digital scope. Compare that to the measly pump action shotgun used by the Rikers and JTF. Look at the shields used by LMB heavies, and compare that to the shields used by The Cleaner's rushers. The LMB have every other faction beat in firepower.

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The Tactics:

The tactics employed by the LMB are beyond that of any other faction, weather that be the Cleaners, The Rikers, hell, even The Division has lesser tactics in the main scheme of things. Lt. Col. Bliss made it deathly obvious to his men at the start they were on their own, no air support, no backup, and no going back. Then because of his limited resources he had to plan more carefully than the Rikers, who live every day like it's their last, and the Cleaners, who think they got what it takes to survive by burning everything, or The Division, who think that they have the power and the resources to take on everyone and everything. Lt. Col. Bliss moved his men sector by sector, street by street, corner by corner, up until you and The Division came in. He had done so well that Division Agents noticed and almost all, if not, most first wave agents defected to help him and his men. Because that happened Lt. Col. Bliss was able to eliminate the head Agent of The Division, and help his men sleep better at night knowing they had no threats. The tactics employed and used to help gain territory also helped Lt. Col. Bliss redirect some of his forces to the Dark Zone. He was then able to have ops run in the DZ getting him better and deadlier resources than any other faction, that is why he has better tech, better guns, and better armor. Because he had an effective strategy that worked and let him use his man power elsewhere.

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The Tactics (cont.):

The LMB made sure to capture, set up, and hold strategic points across NYC. They established comms earlier on than any other faction in the game. They made sure their weapons stockpile was heavily and properly defended, with both manpower and turrets. Their main HQ, the UN building, is also so heavily fortified it required a thermite charge just to enter the perimeter, it was also fortified with countless foot soldiers and multiple First Wave Division Agents. Along with all this they also have a better transportation system, as is shown by all the LMB vehicles from Turtle Bay to Midtown East.

The Training/Foot Soldier Tactics:

The simple maneuvers used by LMB foot soldiers easily rivals them against any and every other faction in the game. The Rikers just dump as much lead and as much shit as they can at you, and The Cleaners just try to burn you out of cover. But The LMB have some one beefy lay down suppressive fire as everyone else moves to cover, then, and only then when you fire at him and hit him, will the Heavy move to a secure location. When you get too comfy in your cover they don't try and send a rusher or a shield, or anything else specialized like it. They simply lay down fire and have 2-3 flanking elements move up on your flanks as your focused on the incoming fire. Even their stance is different than that of other factions, they move with a sort of hunched back, tucked arms, movement and rolling out of grenade radius's. Compare that to almost any/every other faction that stands straight up and moves slowly and tries to run out of a grenade radius's. As well was the grenadier, who lobs grenades, plural, at you while your behind cover in the span of less than 30 seconds to a minute. The LMB is able to lay down more fire and more damage than any other faction in game. The Special Forces are of a whole other ball park. No faction, other than the JTF, has a 'Special Forces.' In the big picture, The LMB has better training, better weapons, and better leadership than any other faction in the game.

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TL;DR I think the LMB is the best faction in Division 1


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