Tom Clancy's The Division 2

The Perfect Clutch/Unbreakable Build.

Since the "Hollow Man" mask was for sale last week and, the season 5 track has the "Devil's Due" backpack as a reward, I've decided to share a build for the aggressive play style.

Credit for this build goes to u/fozfactor . After one engagement with him/her in conflict, I was interested in their build. I had a 4B2R Intimidate/Adrenaline Rush build on and he/she face-tanked me unusually. After inspecting the gear and chatting with him/her here, I waited until Ceska was in DZ to go farm a Devil's Due to try this build myself.

The way I've built it is a little different from u/fozfactor but functions the same. With a max watch and an SMG with all mod slots and at least max CHC roll, this build at max rolls will provide

60CHC, 205CHD & 50 HazPro

Hollow Man, Devil's Due, 2 Sokolov, 1 Grupo and 1 Improvised Piece

The Hollow Man is optional but, I really like it on SMG's to finish guys off, it also helps with destroying shields.

I'd recommend your Improvised piece to be gloves. They're easiest to craft.

Build is best run 3R3B. You'll want your Improvised piece to be Armor core, along with your Hollow Man, So you'll need 1 piece of either Sokolov or Grupo that you can change to an Armor Core.

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You want CHD rolled on all 6 pieces of gear and CHD in all 4 gear mod slots. You only need 2 CHC minors on your gear to achieve 60CHC. Everything else is Haz pro.

On demolitionist spec mainly for Crisis Response, a very under rated talent. When your armor is cracked, your weapon auto-reloads. With Perfect Clutch, it will be a struggle for other CQC builds to crack your armor if you are shooting back at them. If they manage to, your weapon auto-refills the mag without animation and, thanks to Unbreakable, you're at half armor. I will try to get some gameplay clips later on for anyone who still feels it's an underwhelming set up.

Demolitionist also offers

20% burn resistance, which gives me 70% burn resist.

a 7CHC laser for underbarrels.

also you get to ingnore an explosion every once in awhile

You're gonna want a high RPM weapon. the faster you crit, the better clutch works with repairing your armor. Primary is your weapon of choice. I do recommend you try the Swap Chain as a secondary.


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