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The Real Secrets Of The Ravenous

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I’ve seen lots of videos, reddit posts and comments about the ravenous and there is a lot of confusion surrounding it. It’s understandable considering it features one of the most complicated talents in the game. However after 10+ hours of testing literally everything I can think of, I feel I understand pretty much all that there is to know about the weapon and I’m ready to share that with those who are interested before too much misinformation gets out there. So let’s deep dive into one of the most sought after weapons in the game.

Firstly I want to roll off some simple facts about the weapon that are easy to test and shouldn’t require much detail, before delving into the meaty part of the post which is the explosion itself.

  • Explosion damage does not affect the weapon’s explosion
  • Damage to targets out of cover also does not affect the weapon’s explosion (possible bug?)
  • Enemy bonus armor in PvP pretty much negates the weapon’s explosion (possible bug? May require more testing)
  • 2 rounds are fired on trigger pull, therefore you have 2 dots on your reticle. You can bring these closer together and even merge them into 1 dot by increasing weapon handling (braced is good for this)
  • 1 of the 2 rounds fired on trigger pull, after switching shoulders, acts as a detonator not a primer. This means when constant firing and switching shoulders you will have odd number primers. Therefore it requires 6 trigger pulls to reach maximum primers and not 5 like you would assume (possible bug?)
  • You do not need to switch shoulders and detonate to benefit from the blue primers (bonus armor). Killing a target that has blue primers embedded will give you the bonus armor.
  • The talent features a damage increase to armor plating. This Is not the same as damage to armor (I will go into this more later)

The Explosion

Ok, let’s get into the explosion itself.

Anyone who has used this weapon for any length of time may have noticed that despite not changing anything in their builds, they are seeing different and inconsistent numbers with the explosion. I am going to do my best to explain why.

Now don’t be intimidated by the formula I’m about to post, as I will be using a simple version of it to explain what is going on. For those that are interested though, here is the mess of an equation to calculate the explosion damage:

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=((Base*(1+((Weapon Damage+Rifle Damage)/100)))/2)*(if(#Primers=10,20,#Primers))*(1+(((Crit Damage/#Primers)*#Crit Explosions Counter)/100))

You can use this in an Excel sheet and just replace the text with the cells you wish for them to represent

Explosion Simplified

This however wil be the formula I will be using to explain the explosion damage. Don’t worry, it’s only the last part which is a bit more complicated and i will be using a test build as an example.

New base#Primers*New crit modifier*

The new base is essentially the weapons base damage increased by your weapon damage+rifle damage stats. The game does this for you and you can simply check you stat sheet. One last thing we have to do though is divide this number by 2. The stat sheet shows the total of 2 rounds fired (1 trigger pull) but we need the number for just 1.

#Primers is easy. It is just the total amount of primers embedded into your enemy. Remember though that at 10 primers it is doubled meaning this part of the formula can only be 1-9 or 20

New crit modifier will require some explaining and is best described in two parts.

Firstly, take your crit damage percentage and divide that by the number of primers embedded into your enemy. In this instance the primers are not doubled at 10 so you can only divide by 1-10.

The second part is a hidden mechanic which I’ve dubbed ‘Crit Explosion Counter’.

You see, despite the fact we only see 1 explosion and 1 damage number, there is actually 10 explosions (or however many primers we detonate) and each explosion can be registered as a crit. It is important to note that none of these explosions actually deal any damage. The game is just doing a simple crit yes/no? counter and each time it registers a crit the game adds 1. You have 11 possible outcomes ranging from 0/10 to 10/10. There is no way to tell in game how many crits are registered other than doing the math through trying all possible outcomes or reverse engineering the actual damage output.

Anyway if we get 6/10 crit explosions we get the number 6 and this now can be multiplied by the first part we did to get a new crit percentage.

Finally, we can take this percentage and turn it into our new modifier in the usual way. Convert to decimal (dividing by 100) and then adding 1 (because we are dealing with a percentage increase)

After all that we will get the explosion damage number. You can then take it further into the usual damage formula and increase it by things like total weapon damage/amplified damage talent, damage to armor/health etc

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Test Build

Here are the important things to notice about this build:

  • Weapon damage=171122
  • Crit damage=66%
  • Number of primers we will be testing is 10

Here is our simple formula again and we shall fill it in as we go: New base#Primers*New crit modifier*

New base is our stated weapon damage divided by 2: 171122/2=85561

Primers will be 20 as the 10 primers are doubled

New crit modifier is our crit damage (66%), divided by the number of primers (10) and then multiplied by number of crit explosions. In this test example i can tell you that i got 3. so, (66/10)*3=19.8%. Convert this to a multiplier (divide 100 and +1) we get a new crit modifier of 1.198

Now our final equation is 85561*20*1.198=2050041.56 (

Armor vs Armor Plating

Quickly want to cover armor vs armor plating because they are different, very different. Armor plating only protects that which is underneath and generally what is underneath is health. So you will not get an increase to armor plating using the damage to armor stat unless that npc actually has armor bars. This does mean though, you will get an increase to armor plating when using damage to health.

Weapon Review And Build Options

Lastly I want to offer my opinions of the weapon and how I think you could build around it. These are just my views so feel free to disagree.

While I do think the weapon is good and is an excellent example of how an exotic can be the best at what it does without being just the best weapon in the game, I do also think that it is a little underwhelming compared to how challenging it is to get.

In your everyday content you can put out a bit more damage overall using an M1A with boomerang. In legendries, raids and tidal basin it is well worth at least being part of your build as a secondary (that’s how I use it)

The damage to targets out of cover not working with the explosion is frustrating to say the least considering that is what it rolls with and the first round being just a detonator and not a primer is also kind of annoying. If they could fix that so it counts as both and swap out the DTOoC for a nice chunk of damage to health then I will believe we have an exotic worthy of the grind. Also fix the PvP thing.

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The gun handles well, even on console, and the switching between shoulders isn’t as bad a you might think apart from your reticle being a little off centre from where you had it placed before.

In terms of building around the weapon, the standard rules still apply. Go for as many multiplicative bonuses as you can (total weapon damage, amplified, DTA etc) without sacrificing too much additive damage. You could make it a real heavy killer by incorporating damage to health. The absolute, most important thing though is to make sure you hit that 60% crit chance cap. Missing out on 1 point on the crit explosion counter could easily be a difference of 1 million damage on the explosion itself when using a damage build.

Anyway, i can finally say my ravenous testing is over (dont know why i do this to myself tbh). Hope it has been an insightful read and congrats if you made it to the end. Pat yourself on the back. Any questions or comments i will be happy to answer.


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