Tom Clancy's The Division 2

The story of the division to me is told in the environmental details.

Content of the article: "The story of the division to me is told in the environmental details."

I've beaten D1 and am now working my way up to WT5 in D2 and as I am going through the district union arena and pass through the basketball shop I stop and start noticing the details the spray painted words on the wall "take care of this" being a basketball poster and immediately my mind jumped to the mindset of the person who spray painted it and imagined this person was a sports fan and that was their favorite player. Then I keep walking around the store and see more spray paint asking people to stand in line and "help yourself" and "provisions" and "don't waste take what you need". I just start imagining how even during the chaos there were good people trying to help in what must have seemed like the apocalypse. Then I just start crying(I'm a punk when it comes to emotions in video games) and I think about another area in the game which left an impression on me.

I don't remember the exact location but I pass by it several times in my journeys. It's an outdoor area and it has stalls for clothes, and food and provisions and a couple of medical tents and someone had converted the fountains into water catcher basins. I could see that this was an area that gave people hope and supplies. As I'm walking around I see bodies everywhere and they are piled up in the basins and a couple of bodies looked as if they were shot in the back while trying to run away. This location makes me sad because there were people trying to help survivors to what must have seemed like hell on earth.

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So to me the story is told in the environments you travel to and through and the details and untold stories that are just waiting to be discovered and no words are needed. So I just want to tip my hat off to the environmental design team because when you can tell a story without saying a word I believe that is a very powerful thing.

P.S. that is the reason I show these enemies to humanity no mercy because if you don't value the sanctity of life, my shotgun would like to have a word with your face lol.


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