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The Summit – Targeted Loot Suggestion

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The idea of the summit sounds amazing, I haven't played it yet, but I intend to hop on the PTS this afternoon and give it a shot. I heard on the SotG that they were open to feedback on how to set up targeted loot for the new game mode, and hadn't decided yet what to do for release. There's potential for this game mode to be amazing, but there's something they need to do in order to get it there.

Making each floor have a different targeted loot would be something, but it doesn't address the ugly downside of targeted loot. Far too frequently (basically every day) I see clan mate A ask if anyone wants to farm gearsets, clan mate B ask if anyone wants to farm providence, clan mate C ask if anyone wants to farm sniper rifles, etc. There's no incentive for them to play together, as they'd be better off running their own mission with randoms over and over, instead of helping eachother with their farming.

My suggestion is to implement a way for each player in the group to specify what they would like the targeted loot to be for their loot drops in the summit game mode. That way, people who have different gear needs are still given reasons to play the summit together. You could have something at the beginning of each set of 10 floors that the agent walks up to, and picks it from a long list of possible targeted loot options for the next 10 floors. You could even put it on every floor if you wanted to, after you've cleared the floor, just before taking the elevator up to the next level.

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If you want people to keep playing this new game mode over and over (it's literally designed to be replayable), and you want people to play together, then it needs to be rewarding for everyone involved.

TLDR: let the agents pick what they want their targeted loot to be.

PS: if this idea for targeted loot works out well, it could be implemented for the game as a whole. Allow everyone to pick what they want their own targeted loot to be as a global modifier that only applies to them. And then, to prevent people from just playing the shortest mission over and over again, make it so that targeted loot only drops from each mission/CP4 on your first completion each day.


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