Tom Clancy's The Division 2

The word “TOXIC” and this community.

One of the most frequently used words, both in game, and on this sub.

But why?

I will try to explain my thoughts below. I believe there are 4 major reasons for this.

1.) PVP in general

  • The devs fucked the balancing real bad in PVP for this game. Period.
  • There is the seriously OP meta of Lady death, blah blah blah. We know this.
  • There is riot foam…. cause – it really sucks to get foamed, and then be dropped in an instant.
  • There are status builds…. explosive builds… All of which, can be annoying.
    • all of the above, and much more, just….. suck to get killed by. Its a video game, and just like any other game, people will use whats most powerful. Yet – it still sucks.
  • Matchmake for Conflict – good team pushes you. basically spawn traps you, and mortar, and bleed hives you to death. TOXIC.

2.) DarkZone the "concept"

  • The entire concept of the darkzone…. is well…. savage.
  • Go and grind for loot… FINALLY get what you want. Call in extraction "rogue agent detected" FOAMED…. LADY DEATH…. "Agent down"……. "Player12345 has stolen your Hollowman"
  • Like…. how on earth is someone supposed to stomach that without getting angry or frustrated?
  • "he shot me in the back and stole my stuff… these ass-holes are so TOXIC.
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The game is designed for this to happen. Literally DESIGNED for this. It breeds toxicity.

Builds, and what I call "Dick swinging"

  • everyone has played with "that guy". The guy who "This is the best build ever. You don't even know…my build… omfg… this is the new meta… omfg… its literally the best build… I hit for 97 billion with a head shot crit" – no one actually likes playing with "that guy".
  • While "that guy" is really annoying… the toxicity comes from a more subtle place. It comes from the "my build is better than yours" mentality. I believe the fact that there is so much to learn, its easy to put people down. Its easy to to have SHD level bias.
  • Personal experience: spoke with another agent few days ago, he was around 120 SHD, has a nice skill build… but was kicked from a legendary as soon as he linked up with the group. They didn't even check his build. Toxic.
  • Personal experience: Spent the other day in a party chat with someone who spent nearly 2 hours just talking about ONE build and how awesome it was. I get it man… its a great idea, and can really work… but holy cow, enough already.
  • I'd have a hard time believing you haven't had a similar experience(s) as the one I described above. I have had many. People work hard on their builds, they farm for long periods of time, and want to show it off…. but often and unfortunately, it results in them "swinging their dick" to prove that they have made some sort of major build breakthrough, and want to rub it in to show others that "I'm goOoD" – no man… you're just TOXIC.
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  • Left this one for last. Sensitive topic for many. LFG's can be a scary place. Raiding in general can be socially overwhelming for many. It can be intimidating for those who are unfamiliar with mechanics. There are a lot of adults who play this game in their spare time, and don't care to be yelled at or told what to do in anything less than a very respectful manner within the raids. Its easy to cross the line and turn people off from ever wanting to try raiding again.
  • You have raid LFG guys that post constantly, who yell at people, tell them what builds to run, and then kick people for dying on a boss fight.
  • In the XBOX community alone, we have a number of Raid LFG posters, who are well known… and people avoid them at all costs.

All in all…. I'm not solving the problem of toxicity, nor attempting to. I'm simply pointing out what I believe are some of the major sources. I'm not saying we all have to be friends, and sing kumbayah.

I'm sure I'll get hammered in the comments… But… curious to see what some of this community thinks. Lets try to have a "non toxic" conversation… if that's possible.

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