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This Build Amazes Me Every Single Time I Use It! I Hope It Helps Someone Out There!

Content of the article: "This Build Amazes Me Every Single Time I Use It! I Hope It Helps Someone Out There!"

I've found a way to infuse all of my favorite elements into a build that uses complete synergy for MY play-style. I will lay it out simply for anyone who wants to try it out. Mind you: this is for a particular play-style so if it doesn't fit you, it won't work. This is more for the damage/runner-gunner than Skill/Sniper builds. I got tired of using the same builds so I came up with this one and it's MY favorite by far!

My build consists of the following: (All Red cores)

  • Gunner Specialization
  • Negotiator's Dilemma mask (Weapon damage/Critical hit damage as attributes) with 12% critical hit damage mod
  • Negotiator's Dilemma knee pads (Weapon damage/Critical hit damage as attributes)
  • Negotiator's Dilemma gloves (Weapon damage/Critical hit damage as attributes)
  • Negotiator's Dilemma holster (Weapon damage/Critical hit damage as attributes)
  • Sokolov chest (Weapon damage/weapon handling/Critical hit damage/12% critical hit damage mod) and chose Obliterate as the talent.
  • Named Ceska backpack (Devil's Due for Perfect Clutch) 19.6% incoming repair as mod

My gun of choice is Emiline's Guard because of the main talent (Perfect Preservation) and how it handles as an SMG. High rate of fire and good stability/accuracy/reload time. We need the high rate of fire for Perfect Clutch procs and the talent after the kills. It has 12% damage/15.5% crit chance/10% damage to targets out of cover and a base damage is 115.8K.

I run Revive Hive and Bulwark shield as my skills. (Skills don't really matter in this as much.)

I'm sitting at 55% critical hit chance and 160% critical hit damage without procs.

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***My build is NOT fully optimized, but it's close***

So how this build works is pretty simple. You start my marking targets with Negotiators Dilemma. I prefer mark the easier ones first and then work on an Elite to start the procs. Once you get just ONE kill, you get back 12% armor over 5 seconds (actually more due to 19.6% incoming healing), 10% armor on kill automatically due to Gunner specialization, AND Perfect Clutch procs so your critical hits are now healing 2.5% of missing armor on your target. Negotiator's Dilemma is now adding critical hit damage to each marked enemy that is called and is stacked up to 40% extra for the duration of the fight.

In essence, your healing a major amount and stacking damage each time you kill an NPC and shooting them.

I've tested this in every way but Raids. Don't know how well it'd do in PVP but this is mainly a PVE build. Also, remember that you can get killed and this isn't a build for everyone to utilize. But you have my word that it will surprise you and you'll enjoy this build if you play in a similar way. It's so much fun to use. I hope someone can use this and try something different.


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