Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Tips for new and returning players

Firstly, this is my first post. I've read the rules and this seems ok, but apologies if I've got it wrong, feel free to direct me somewhere more appropriate if so.

I recently returned to the game after a long hiatus and found it rather daunting. I trawled Reddit and guides, joined Facebook and Discord groups etc, and gradually got my head around most of it. I've seen a few people asking about what do after getting back into the game so put this list together based on my experience to try and help, and provide a consolidated "one stop shop". Hopefully some others find value in it!

Disclaimer: I'm not a veteran, just a recently returned (and keen) agent so this stuff is still fresh in my mind. Feel free to add things I've missed and even disagree with or amend my suggestions, and if anyone has a question I'll do my best to answer 🙂

  • If you don't have it already, I strongly recommend getting Warlords. You simply won't get the most out of the game without it, and you can pick it up on sale regularly these days for pretty cheap.
  • Complete all the "episode" missions that fit between DC and NY. Eg. Pentagon, White Oak etc.
  • Complete Warlords campaign.
  • Get to L40 (should be pretty easy to do this during Warlords).
  • After that, first and foremost: grind and farm anything and everything.
  • Continually add to your recal library as you go, ideally you want to have the ability to recal max rolls ASAP.
  • As you level up your watch save all/most of your SHD calibration points til later (when this more granular level of tinkering is required more, until then just recal).
  • Speaking of watch levelling, out points into what best supports your build or play style, there's no right or wrong way. I have generally tried to keep them pretty even as I go.
  • Join a clan and/or find other people to play with (I recommend finding some good Discord groups, they've really helped me).
  • Choose a build type (or two) you want to aim for, that will help you play increasingly harder content, and farm those pieces (I could be corrected, but skill builds seem the most appropriate for solo and versatile for most activities, but DPS builds are required for raids if you're keen on that).
  • Start upping your global difficultly as your build quality and abilities allow (then do the same with directives).
  • When you know what gear you want, utilise targeted loot, especially the Summit (just coz you can choose what you want).
  • Call for back-up when you need it (and when you don't) so you can complete harder activities, and faster.
  • Answer calls for back up for same reasons as above (plus you get Shepherd ranks and XP boosts which help level up faster).
  • If you're not phased completing the Manhunts as part of their respective season, complete the Manhunt missions you unlock as part of the season so you can get the new skill variations.
  • Do Control Points: you get good gear and XP, plus blueprints which are worth collecting.
  • Complete weekly projects, especially those that unlock good caches (esp. exotics).
  • Participate in season events, they're a great way to earn extra XP and get caches.
  • Collect exotics: personally I recommend buying exotic caches during season events til you've got most of those from the general loot pool and with decent rolls, breakdown duplicates with shit rolls and use the parts to reroll others (when you've got enough parts). Grind activities that reward exotics, eg. Summit for Capacitor (easy to get and best for skill build), Legendaries (when ready) for Big Horn, NY bosses for Lady Death etc.
  • And to finish with a cliche: have fun! Personally I've found there are enough seasonal activities to always have something to do on top of just general farming and build tinkering. But if you feel burnt out, take a breather!


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