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True Patriot Build : The Paladin

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This video will be the first in a series of videos for builds centered around gear sets combined with what I believe to be the most synergistic brand set chest piece and backpack. These builds are all designed to be used for solo and team play, in both PVE and PVP. I have also designed these with inspiration from World of Warcraft classes. In other words, if you enjoy the role play aspect of this game, you will probably enjoy these builds.

Gear Set: True Patriot

Brand Pieces: Fenris Obliterate chest and Devil's Due backpack.

Primary Weapon: EB

Role: Head on Assault with team buffs and enemy debuffs.

WoW inspiration: Paladin.

Build Notes: Clutch with the white buff will give you much more survivability than you think. The defender drone combined with the blue debuff will give you approximately -20 to 30% (PVE, PVP, respectively) incoming damage (multiplicative). In PVP, it is equivalent to having a base of 1.68 million armor. This build pairs nicely with obliterate and the eagle bearer as both talents are focused on sustained fire. (EB is best in class AR for sustained fire, and TP extra ammo per mag extends that further). The combination of the red buff and obliterate will take you from 2 red cores (+30 damage) to slightly more than 3.5 (45 additive, 8% multiplicative). The boost to team damage is also nice, slightly less than obliterate but much quicker and easier to spread. The explosions generated also punish "pack players'. As you don't have room for much hazard protection, the booster is a nice "cleanse" option. Remember, as of Tu10, it will REMOVE status effects upon use.

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Why it "feels like a Paladin"

  1. buffs allies and debuffs enemies
  2. "cleanse" mechanic (booster hive)
  3. has a "holy shield" (defender drone)
  4. has group healing based on placing a "judgement" (white debuff) on enemies.

Hope you guys enjoy. I have had fun doing these builds.

Note as of 9/12/20 1443 EST the video is still processing so quality will be up soon.


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