Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Trying to fix my broken mess of a game – A troubleshooting thread.


I don't really know where to start this thread. For you see, Div2 is so broken for me, I can seldom hope for more than 30-40 minutes of play time before the game crashes hard. It's the singlemost crash prone game I have in my collection. It is also the _only_ game that sometimes crashes so hard it brings windows with it.

And I want to fix it, because I really enjoy the game, and have spent 400h in it. But it has only gotten worse over time. In the beginning, I could play for an hour or two before a crash. Not so anymore.

So I would appreciate some input, whether it's because you have the same issues, have some troubleshooting ideas etc.

So, the basics:

My rig is a 4790K, running at stock speeds. 32GB of mem. And an Zotac GTX 1060 6GB. I had the same issues with the GTX980 before that. I've tried clean installs of the drivers, but the issues has been persistent over several driver versions. I'm currently using version 466.11.

It's running Win 10 20H2, but the issues has been persistent across several versions of Windows.

My current graphics setting in The Division 2 are as follows:


allowedTearing = 1, <"anisotropy quality"> = 0, bloom = true, <"bloom dirt"> = true, brightness2 = 0, <"chromatic aberration"> = true, contrast2 = 0.5, customFPSLimit = 60, <"distant envmap"> = true, dof = false, <"extra streaming distance"> = 0.30000001, fog = 3, glare = false, <"hdr UI peak"> = 400, <"hdr peak"> = 3000, <"high res sky textures"> = true, indoor = true, look2 = 0, <"max anisotropy"> = 4, maxFramerate = 0, <"num spot shadows"> = 2, <"object detail"> = 0.25, <"parallax mapping2"> = true, <"particle quality"> = 1, presentInterval = 0, <"prio culling distance0"> = 650, <"prio culling distance1"> = 300, <"prio culling distance2"> = 170, <"prio culling distance3"> = 150, <"projected textures resolution"> = 1, <"reflected objects quality"> = 1, reflections = 1, <"sector lastlod distance"> = 256, <"shadow distance"> = 300, <"shadow quality2"> = 3, sharpen2 = 1, <"snow particles wind"> = false, <"spot shadow resolution"> = 1, <"ss reflection3"> = 2, <"ss shadows2"> = 1, <"ssao quality 2"> = 2, sss3 = false, stereo3d = 0, stereoeyedist = 0.064999998, stereoscreensize = 1.2, <"streamer dedicated budget"> = 1024, <"streamer memory fraction"> = 0.75, taa = 3, <"terrain texture lod"> = 300, <"terrain vertex lod"> = 10, <"vegetation quality"> = 1, <"view scale"> = 1, <"view scale maximum"> = 1, <"view scale minimum"> = 0.5, vignette = false, <"water quality"> = 1, 


Does anyone have any idea where I could start? Any similar experience to share? What have you tried?

Really hoping for some good answers here, because as it stands, I can not play. :'(


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