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TU11 is gonna make me a shotgun main. I’m in love.

Content of the article: "TU11 is gonna make me a shotgun main. I’m in love."

This is a brief gameplay of the TU11 shotgun set.

The Mop + Hunter's Fury (chest piece included) + Memento. It's so ridiculously strong and fun. Let me break it down for you. It's the closest we've come to my one-and-only build in TU7, the infamous Berserk Clutch.

The Mop

This is the new Named shotgun that gives 5% armor per kill. Armor on kill was a dead stat simply because the existing 20k armor per kill mod was a pittance compared to the total armor we have. But when that becomes a % armor per kill, this becomes a different story.

This shotgun is similar to Super 90 in terms of fire rate and reload. Thanks to this, it can pump out shells and reload fast enough to move from enemy to enemy and keep your regen going.

The PTS drop gives you Close & Personal, I found this to be the best choice as well.

The Memento

Memento is broken. There, I said it. It's broken and it needs to be nerfed. When you kill an enemy, they drop these little orange tokens like this:

You pick one up and you gain a 10 sec bonus and a 300 sec bonus simultaneously. 10 sec one doesn't stack and 300 sec one stacks 30 times. If you have max of both, you have 60% bonus weapon damage. Never in this game has there been a 300 second buff. This thing lasts forever.

Since it also has a free skill tier and a blue core, what this also means is with Technician, you have access to tier 3 shield. Have you ever seen a Red build shield tank a Rogue agent shotgun point-blank? Also, the 300 sec buff includes 3% armor regen at 30 stacks. If you main a Red build, what may seem like insignificant and slow regen to others should cause your brain to release dopamine. LOOK AT THAT GLORIOUS REGEN.

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Here it is:

Was testing with AR during this recording, so no shotgun yet

Also why does this backpack have like 7 backpacks attached to it?

Hunter's Fury

Hunter's Fury made Health a viable, nay, a valuable resource. 100% health regen is just ridiculous. People often forget how vulnerable they are when they're max armor + max health vs max armor + 1 health. The health is a vital resource that was largely overlooked because there was no reliable way to recover them on demand.

Hunter's Fury gives multiplicative damage bonus, it has built-in cc, it has 2 different weapon damage bonus, and the crazy regen. It's so jam-packed with power. It's quite honestly kinda broken.

The Gameplay

So all of these come together to make an incredibly strong build. I use Gunner simply for that extra 10% armor per kill to complement The Mop. I'm using Sticky Bomb and Banshee Pulse, which are purely to gain control and buy time in a pinch. The Sticky Bomb is the best choice for ranged distraction while closing distance, since it doesn't require aim, is aoe, and can delay proc'ing if need be. Banshee pulse is a cqc panic button that I can tap if I need to buy time real quick.

There are some funny moments because I almost exclusively play sniper or AR, so I instinctively shoot for weakpoints and heads all the time even if just shooting the body would've killed them faster in some cases.

Hope you guys find this exciting. I can't wait for it, personally.


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