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Two New Dark Zone Gear Sets For Solo Players

Content of the article: "Two New Dark Zone Gear Sets For Solo Players"

The DZ was better in Division 1 when solo players had more to do. These two sets change the dynamic of the DZ to make more than just large groups powerful while also adding a new layer to the unpredictability, cunning talents built to capitalize on deception.

-Remember how fun farming in the DZ was? Doing chest runs for a chance of decent gear and exotic caches. This set is tailored for the solo players who aren’t looking to engage, only farm and escape roving bands of wolves they may encounter.

Scavengers Guise

2 Piece – 5% Armor

3 Piece – 10% Increased Movement Speed

4 Piece – Escape Hatch: Solo players can hold the right directional to give you a 50% speed boost and 50% damage resistance for 15 seconds at the cost of 75 percent weapon and skill damage for 30 seconds. Refreshes once every 10 minutes

Chest Piece Talent –
Last Resort: If your armor breaks you have a 50% chance to go invisible for 60 seconds and that refreshes every 15 minutes.

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Chest piece talent – Dead Man’s Switch: Increase invisibility chance to 75%

(This set gives the solo farmer a chance of escape against groups of mercenaries but still requires you to be smart due to the large cool down of ability)

-This next set is geared again for the solo DZ player who instead of raw aggression prefers deception and heists.

Double Cross

2 Piece – 25% Pulse Resistance

3 Piece – 10% Increased Movement Speed

4 Piece – Ronin: Solo player only can activate a cloak form that makes them undetectable at the cost of 75 percent weapon and skill damage. Will lose cloak once carrying gear in contaminated bag.

Chest Talent – Loot Goblin: Ability when cloaked to use a grapple within 10 meters of zip line to cut and snatch loot before opponents can extract.

Backpack Talent – Cutting the Cord: Increases range of grapple to 20 Meters

(High risk, high reward element that assist the player in a heist but they must be positioned well enough to escape once possession gives up their location)

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