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(Update) I Tested The Drop Rates of Summit 11.1

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Yesterday I tested the drop rates of summit for 11.1 and the differences between 9 directives and none, my only mistake was doing it with a small sample size and no control on floors, so I did it again differently this time.

Beginning at floor 1 for each trial, my aim was to drop 300 total items and see the ratio of targeted loot items to non-targeted loot items, also instead of doing it solo this time, I’m doing it in a team of 2 to increase the amount of enemies and thereby increase the amount of loot drops.

This test will also include opening loot crates throughout the summit as well as the caches every 3 floors. The targeted loot is again rifles.

Just like last time, I began with all 9 directives on, and it difficult, but at least it was a good challenge. In the end I got my last drop about halfway through floor 72, By that time I had dropped 300 items, and out of that, 174 were rifles.

And so we began at floor 1 again, this time we had no directives on and it was a breeze compared to all 9 directives. I got my final drop for this trial at the beginning of floor 75 and out of 300 items, 227 were rifles.

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Now I do understand that with a larger sample like this comes more variables such as random encounters and rooms that don’t give loot at all (Ex: Drone Rooms) but again with the multiplier of 9 one would think there would be a massive difference this time, but there wasn’t.

This time, the average quality of loot between 9x and 0x remained the same, meaning that the 9x multiplier should only be affecting the amount instead of the quality.

TLDR: 174/300 drops with 9 directives were targeted loot, 227/300 drops with 0 directives were targeted loot. The directives either don’t impact the drop rates at all, or they impact it negatively.


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