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Warlords of New York Rogue Bosses Rating

Content of the article: "Warlords of New York Rogue Bosses Rating"

Note: These are all im my opinion, you can disagree with me if you want.

I'm going to rate the Rogue agents boss battles from worst to best, and why they deserve their spots

Worst: James Dragov

For being one of the badass lieutenants of Keener, his battle was, basic. He didn't really make it a challenge. Sure he has his sticky chem launcher, but he barely uses it. If you distract him and his two other tanks with him with a turret or Parnell decoy, and its an easy win.

Second Worst: Vivian Conley

Sure the build up was intense, but actually fighting her was like Dragov, but without a shield. But unlike Dragov, she actually uses her gadget. If she wasn't shooting you, she just kept running around, but you can easily slow her with a H.I.V.E., the only reason redeemable aspect was the finisher, were she just blows up in a bloody mess, and that is all.

Moderate: Theo Parnell

Parnell was a tricky but easy boss. Since he was technically in the sniper class, snipers have low health, so he wasn't really a problem. But I cant tell you how many times he fooled me. I kept shooting his decoys of him and the Rikers. I almost wasted all my ammo on these damn things, and once I beat his mind games, that was it. At least it was better than Conley.

Second Best: Javier Kajika

This was fun. Dodging shock traps, the steam room, he doesn't even use a gun, he uses a goddamn bow. I also like his whole "dissappear into mist" trick, really kept me on my toes. But not only did he place his traps, he threw them, like any other division player. And finally, once he had low health, he charges at you with a machete, who does that?

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Best: Aaron Keener

You knew this was going to happen. Everything was amazing. When you destroy his missle, that's when the fight begins. He repairs his armor, throws H.I.V.E. and turrets and just about everything. But he taunts you. This bastard really said to me "you're really letting me fix my armor" that gave me a chuckle. Sure I died over and over, but this was league's better than the final boss in the first division. 100/10 for me, you rogue piece of shit.


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