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What do you guys think about old talents that’s no longer in the game being re-introduced back into the game as specialization skill tree specific talents???

I remember a while back someone bringing up an idea I thought was a great, was to bring back old talents that was deleted from the game when warlords was released by putting them into each of the specialization skill trees. Like talents that you can only get if you select that specialization.

Like a group of talents that made sense for that specialization and the agent would have to choose only a few of them from the whole selection like we have to do with selecting which weapon damage options.

Like 4-5 talents in each specialization tree each and agents can only select 2 or something along those lines.

Technician skill tree already have similar with the 10% skill repair or 10% skill damage that you can select one of the two.

or maybe can select them all. I dont know, its up for discussion.

Pre-warlords weapon holster talents examples:

Stop Drop and Roll (Rolling removes burn, bleed and poison status effects. Can occur once every #s) can be a firewall or/and survivalist talent you can select from a pool of other talents in the specialization skill tree. Its a status effect talents and both survivalist and the firewall are status effect specializations so that talent lines up with their offerings.

Cannon (increases throwing distance by #%) can be one Demolitionist talents the agent can select. Its a explosion, grenade class, so cannon can increase the distance of grenades, as well as any thrown skills like seekers, hives, traps, ect.

Pre-warlord Gear talent examples:

Patience ( When the character is behind cover for at least # seconds, he renews #% of his armor every # seconds.) can be one survialist talents the agent can select. Survivalist is the healing and self-sustain class so this talent fits well here in its skill tree in my opinion.

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Payload ( Destroying an enemy’s asset grants +50% Explosive Damage for 15s.) Can be another on of the talents for the demolitionist tree that an agent has a choice to choose in a list of other talents named above. Demolitionist is the explosion class so this lines up as well.

Here's a list of old talents that I can remember that arent in the game any longer. Let me know if there's some missing or ones listed below are still in the game.

Not going to include the passive talents as those have been moved onto the actual stats on the weapons and gear, like fire rate stat on the weapon is actually the allegro talent, although not as powerful tho. 5% fire rate is a joke tho.

Old weapon talents

Naked – Headshot damage is increased by +50% while your armor is depleted

Perpetuation – Headshot kills grant +5% skill duration, ammo, and charges to the next skill used. Max stack is 10.

Double Duty – While holstered, reloading your primary weapon reloads this weapon.

Everlasting – While holstered, this weapon regenerates ammo while in cover.

Greased – While holstered, this weapon increases weapon swap speed by 10%.

Overlap – While holstered, your equipped weapon gains a handling bonus based on this weapon’s type.

Transmission – While holstered, shock applied to the Agent transfers to an enemy within 10m. Can occur once every 60s.

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Wascally – While holstered, you are able to resist 2 ensnare attempts.

Cannon – While equipped, this weapon increases throwing distance by 10%.

In Rhythm – While equipped, enemy kills have a 5% chance to refresh active skill cooldowns. Can occur once every 60s.

Protected Deploy – While equipped, this weapon grants +10% bonus armor while deploying a skill.

Recharged – While equipped, enemy kills from cover can recharge depleted skill charges.

Rooted – While equipped and in cover, all skill damage and healing is increased by +25% for 10s.Buff is lost when exiting cover. Can occur once every 25s.

Stop, Drop, and Roll – While equipped, rolling removes burn, bleed, and poisoned status effects. Can occur once every 60s.

Zen – While equipped, resting in cover for 3s removes blind and disorient status effects.

Old Armor talents

Berserk – +10% weapon damage for every 10% of max armor depleted

Bloodlust – Swapping weapons after a kill increases all weapon damage by 25% for 10s

Compensated – Weapon damage is increased when you have low critical hit chance

Gunslinger – Swapping to your sidearm within 3s of a kill refills the sidearm's magazine and grants +20% weapon damage for the entire magazine

On the Ropes – Weapon damage is increased by +25% while all skills are on cooldown or reach zero charges

Centered – Headshot kills grant status effect immunity for 10s

Patience – After being in cover for 3s, armor repairs by 5% every 1s

Payload – Destroying an enemy's asset grants +50% explosive damage for 15s

Cloaked – When your armor is depleted, nearby enemy skills are disrupted for 10s. Can occur once every 30s

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Dialed In – While aiming, weapon stability is increased by 25% of your weapon accuracy

Fill'er Up – Reloading from empty reloads all weapons

Knee Cap – Shooting an enemy in the legs has a 10% chance to apply bleed

Terminate – Depleting an enemies armor grants +35% skill damage for 15s

As your reading those talents, I can guess a few of yall can see which specialization some of those talents line up well with.

What do yall think???


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